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Authors A

Aaronovitch, Ben – Foxglove Summer (Jan-15) HD

Aciman, André – Find Me (Oct-19) AH

Acioli, Socorro – The Head of the Saint (Dec-14) AG

Ackroyd, Peter – Mr Cadmus (Feb-21) AG

Adams, Douglas – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Oct-17) AG

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi – Purple Hisbiscus (Oct-16) ST

Adiga, Aravind – The White Tiger (Jul-18) HP

Aickman, Robert

Aiken, Joan

Akkad, Omar el – American War (Dec-17) MD

Albertalli, Becky – Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda (Aug-15) BG

Alexander, Keir – The Ruby Slippers (Apr-14) HD. Q&A

Ali, Sabahattin – Madonna in a Fur Coat (Aug-16) ST

Allende, Isabel – The Japanese Lover (Dec-15) AF

Allingham, Margery

Ambler, Eric

Amis, Kingsley – The Old Devils (Jul-18) KHD

Amsterdam, Steven K – The Easy Way Out (Sep-17) SO

Anappara, Deepa – Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line (Feb-20) LT

Anderson, Basil Ramsay – Broken Lights (Jul-21) RS

Anshaw, Carol – Right After the Weather (Jan-21) SO

Antrobus, Raymond – All the Names Given (Sep-21) AH

Araghi, Ali – The Immortals of Tehran (Apr-21) AH

Arden, Katherine – The Bear and the Nightingale (May-17) AG

Arimah, Lesley Nneka – What it Means When a Man Falls from the Sky (Aug-17) RF

Arnim, Elizabeth von

Arnott, Jake – The Fatal Tree (Feb-17) AG

Arnott, Robbie – Flames (Aug-19) SO

Ashdown, Isabel – Flight (Jul-15) VB

Ashworth, Jenn – Fell (Aug-16) ST

Atkins, Lucy – The Night Visitor (May-17) JW

Atkinson, Kate

Attenberg, Jami – Saint Mazie (Jul-15) VB

Atwood, Margaret

Austen, Jane

Austen-Leigh, Lois – The Incredible Crime (Jul-17) HA

Auster, Paul – 4 3 2 1 (Feb-17) HD

Aw, Tash – We, The Survivors (Jun-19) RS

Ayatsuji, Yukito – The Decagon House Murders (Mar-21) TJ

Ayọ̀bámi, Adébáyọ̀ – Stay With Me (Mar-17) AF

Aziz, Basma Abdel – The Queue (Aug-16) DH

Authors B

Babnik, Gabriela – Dry Season (Jan-16) CM

Bagley, Desmond – Running Blind (Jun-17) AG

Bailat-Jones, Michelle – Fog Island Mountains (Jan-15) RH

Bailey, Martine – An Appetite for Violets (Jul-14) DS

Bainbridge, Beryl – Her five Booker shortlisted titles (Jul-18) AG

Baines, Elizabeth – Astral Travel (Feb-21) AG

Baker, Jo – Longbourn (Apr-15) HD

Baker, Tim – Fever City (Apr-16) AG

Balchin, Nigel – A Way Through the Wood (Jun-16) VB

Balestrini, Nanni – Tristano (Apr-14) HP

BandiThe Accusation (Jun-17) AH

Banks, Iain – The Quarry (Apr-14) AG

Bannan, Sarah – Weightless (Apr-15) VB. Interview

Bannalec, Jean-Luc – Death on Pont-Aven (Jul-14) HD

Banville, John (See also Black, Benjamin)

Barbash, Tom – Stay Up With Me (Oct-14) AF. Interview

Barbery, Muriel

Barker, Pat – The Silence of the Girls (Sept-18) AF

Barnes, Adrian – Nod (Apr-16) DHa

Barnes, Julian

Barrett, Shirley – Rush Oh! (Apr-16) VH

Barrow, Judith – A Hundred Tiny Threads (Nov-17) JB

Barry, Kevin – That Old Country Music (Dec-20) DH

Barry, Sebastian

Bartelmay, Ryan – Onward Toward What We’re Going Toward (Apr-15) VB

Bartlett, Neil – The Disappearance Boy (Oct-14) AG

Batuman, Elif – The Idiot (Aug-18) AH

Baum, Vicki – Grand Hotel (Oct-16) KL

Beale, Susan – The Good Guy (Aug-16) VB. Interview

Beatty, Paul – The Sellout (short version) (Jul-18), (full length review) RF

Beauman, Ned – Glow (Jul-14) ST. Q&A

Beer, Alex – The Second Rider (Oct-18) GD

Ben Jelloun, Tahar – About My Mother (Oct-16) AF

Bennett, Arnold

Bennett, Brit – The Vanishing Half (Jun-21) AH

Benson, EF

Benson, Stella – This is the End (Oct-14) ST

Berger, John – G (Jul-18) MS

Berkeley, Anthony – The Poisoned Chocolates Case (Dec-16) HD

Bethell, Zillah – Girl in Profile (Jun-16) VB

Bible, Michael – Sophia (Jan-16) AG

Biggers, Earl Derr – Love Insurance (Oct-14) ST

Biller, Maxim – Inside the Head of Bruno Schulz (Jul-15) KL

Binet, Laurent – Civilisations (Jun-21) MD

Birchall, Diana – Mrs Darcy’s Dilemma (Jul-17) ESL

Bivald, Katarina – The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend (Jul-15) DS Guest Post (Jul-15)

Black, Benjamin (see also Banville, John)

Black, Holly – The Darkest Part of the Forest (Apr-15) BG

Bloom, Amy

Boast, Will – Daphne (Mar-18) AG

Bodard, Aliette de – The House of Shattered Wings (Oct-15) AG

Bollen, Christopher – Orient (Jul-15) AF

Bonfiglioli, Kyril – Don’t Point That Pistol At Me (Jul-14) AG

Borgo, Karina Sainz – It Would be Night in Caracas (Feb-20) SO

Borman, Tracy – The King’s Witch (Aug-18) JB

Boschwitz, Ulrich Alexander – The Passenger (Mar-21) GD

Bosco, María Angélica – Death Going Down (Feb-17) GD

Bottini, Oliver – Zen and the Art of Murder (Jan-18) TJ

Boule, Pierre – Desperate Games (Oct-14) AG

Bouman, Tom – Dry Bones in the Valley (Apr-15) GD

Bourdouxhe, Madeleine – Marie (Aug-16) RFe

Bourke, Niall – Line (Aug-21) AG

Bourne, Sam – To Kill the Truth (Feb-19) RS

Bowen, Brenda – Enchanted August (Aug-15)

Bowers, Dorothy

Bowjanowski, Mark – Journeyman (Jun-16) SO

Boyd, William

Boye, Karin

Boyle, William – A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself (Apr-19) BRD

Boytchev, Oggy – The Unbeliever (Apr-18) AG

Brackenbury, Rosalind

Brandon, John G – A Scream in Soho (Oct-14) HD

Bridge, Ann – Peking Picnic (Jul-15) CH

Brinton, Sibyl – Old Friends and New Fancies (Jul-14) HD

Bruce, Camilla – You Let Me In (May-20) HA

Brookner, Anita – Hotel du Lac (Jul-18) JC

Buchan, John – The Runagates Club (Dec-17) JB

Buchholz, Simone – Hotel Cartagena (Mar-21) AG

Bude, John

Bulgakov, Mikhail – Notes on a Cuff (Jan-15) KL

Bullough, Tom – Addlands (May-17) DH

Burgess, Anthony

Burke, Alafair

Burnett, Frances Hodgson

Burstall, Emma – Tremarnock (Jun-16) LM

Burton, Jessie – The Confession (Sep-19) AH

Butler, Nickolas

Byatt, AS – Possession (Jul-18) RS

Byers, Sam – Come Join Our Disease (May-21) DL

Byrne, Ben – Fire Flowers (Apr-15) AG

Authors C

Cáceres, Aurora – A Dead Rose (May-18) KL

Cadwallader, Robyn – The Anchoress (Apr-15) EF

Caldwell, Lucy – Multitudes (Jun-16) HD

Camilleri, Andrea

Capus, Alex – A Price to Pay (Jan-15) AG

Carey, Edward – Little (Dec-18) ST

Carey, Peter

Carlotto, Massimo – For All the Gold in the World (Aug-16) TJ

Carlton, Harold – Marrying Out (Oct-14) ST

Carter, MJ – The Infidel Stain (aka The Printer’s Coffin) (Jul-15) GD

Carty-Williams, Candice – Queenie (Jul-20) LD

Cash, Wiley – The Last Ballad (Feb-18) HD

Catton, Eleanor – The Luminaries (Apr-14). shortened Booker review (Jul-18) VB

Chambers, Becky

Chang, K-Ming – Bestiary (Mar-21) AH

Charteris, Hugo – The Lifeline (Sep-21) RS

Chaudhuri, Amit – Friend of My Youth (Nov-17) RS

Chekhov, Anton

Chevalier, Tracy – At the Edge of the Orchard (Apr-16) HD

Chiara, Piero – The Disappearance of Signora Guilia (Dec-15) VB

Choo, Yangsze – The Night Tiger (Mar-19) RS

Christofi, Alex – Glass (Apr-15) PM

Christopher, Adam

Church, Elizabeth J

Clanchy, Kate – Meeting the English (Jul-14) AG

Clare, Tim – The Honours (Jul-15) EF

Clarke, Arthur C – Childhood’s End (Oct-17) AG

Clarke, Susanna

Clébert, Jean-Paul – Paris Vagabond (Oct-16)

Cline, Emma – The Girls (Aug-16) AG

Cocozza, Paula – How to be Human (Apr-17) AF

Coe, Amanda – Getting Colder (Jan-15) JW

Coe, Jonathan

Coelho, Paulo – Hippie (Oct-18) AH

Coetzee, JM

Collier, John – His Monkey Wife (Jan-16) ST

Collins, Wilkie – Jezebel’s Daughter (Jan-16) KL

Comyns, Barbara

Connolly, John – He (Jun-28) AG

Cook, Elizabeth – Lux (May-19) JB

Cooper, Jilly – Riders (Jul-15) AG

Cornell, Paul

Crace, Jim – Harvest (Apr-14) KHD

Craig, Amanda – The Lie of the Land (Jun-17) AG. Interview

Crofts, Freeman Wills – The Hog’s Back Mystery (Apr-15) ST

Crompton, Richmal

Crumley, James – The Wrong Case (Dec-16) BRD

Crummey, Michael – Sweetland (Apr-15) VB

Cummins, Jeanine – American Dirt (Jan-20) AH

Cuneo, Anne – Tregian’s Ground (Apr-15) JM

Cunningham, Michael – The Snow Queen (Jul-14) CB

Curran, Kevin – Citizens (Apr-16) LM

Cusk, Rachel – Outline (Jul-15) SIH

Authors D

Dahl, Kjell Ola – The Assistant (May-21) AG

Dalbuono, Nadia

Daley, Debra – The Revelations of Carey Ravine (Aug-16) HS

Dalton, Moray – The Strange Case of Harriet Hall (Apr-19) ESL

D’Andrea, Luca – Sanctuary (Sep-19) BRD

Danielewski, Mark Z – The Fifty Year Sword (Jul-14) MD

Danler, Stephanie – Sweetbitter (Jun-16) RF. Interview

Danticat, EdwidgeClaire of the Sea Light (Jan-15) CH

Daoud, Kamel – The Meursault Investigation (Oct-15) VB

Davidson, Lionel

Dawson, Jill

Day, Elizabeth – Paradise City (Jul-15) VB

de Beauvoir, Simone – The Inseparables (Oct-21) KL

de Botton, Alain – The Course of Love (Jun-16) AG

Defoe, Daniel – Robinson Crusoe (Jan-16) HD

de Kerangal, Maylis – Painting Time (Jun-21) AG

Delaney, JP

Dennis-Benn, Nicole – Here Comes the Sun (Mar-17) RF

Denton, Danny – The Earlie King and the Kid in Yellow (Mar-18) BRD

Desai, Kiran – The Inheritance of Loss (Jul-18) RS

Despentes, Virginie – Vernon Subutex 2 (Jul-18) BRD

de Waal, Kit

DeWitt, Patrick – Undermajordomo Minor (Oct-15) SO

Di Pietrantonio, Donatella – A Girl Returned (Jul-19) GD

Dick, RA – The Ghost and Mrs Muir (Oct-14) ST

Diop, David – At Night All Blood is Black (Jun-21) TM

Doerr, Anthony – All the Light We Cannot See (Jul-15) HD

Dolan, Eva

Dones, Elvira – Sworn Virgin (Jul-14) SO

Donoghue, Emma – Akin (Nov-19) HD

Doughty, Louise

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Doyle, Roddy – Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (Jul-18) AG

Drndić, Daša – Belladonna (May-17) BRD

Drury, Tom – The End of Vandalism (Oct-15) AG

Duble, Kathleen Benner – Madame Tussaud’s Apprentice (Oct-15) JH

du Maurier, Daphne – My Cousin Rachel (May-17) RFe

Dunant, Sarah – In the Name of the Father (Mar-17) AG

Duncker, Patricia – Sophie and the Sibyl (Apr-15) HP

Dundas, Ever – Goblin (May-17) IB

Dunmore, Helen –

Dunn, Katherine – Geek Love (Apr-15) CB

Duns, Jeremy – Spy Out the Land (Jan-16) RS

Dunsany, Lord – The King of Elfland’s Daughter (Jul-20) HP

Dürrenmatt, Friedrich – The Pledge (Feb-17) EF

Dusapin, Elisa Shua – Winter in Sokcho (Mar-20) DH

Dwyer Hickey, Christine – The Lives of Women (Jan-16) SO

Authors E

Eclair, Jenny

Eco, Umberto – Numero Zero (Jan-16) PF

Edugyan, Esi – Washington Black (Sep-18) AG

Eisenberg, Deborah – Your Duck is My Duck (Nov-19) TJ

Ekbäck, Cecilia

Eliot, Elizabeth – Alice (Mar-19) ST

Elizarov, Mikhail – The Librarian (Apr-15) KL

Ellis, Helen – American Housewife (Jan-16) LBo

Ellis, Janet – How it Was (May-20) AG

Emerson, Sally – Separation (Aug-17) HD

Eng, Tan Twan – The Garden of Evening Mists (Jul-18) LS

Enright, Anne

Enrigue, Álvaro – Sudden Death (Jun-16) DH

Ephron, Delia – Siracusa (May-17) MS

Escobar, Melba – House of Beauty (May-18) BRD

Evans, Lissa – Crooked Heart (Oct-14) EKA

Evaristo, Bernardine – Girl, Woman, Other (Nov-19) LD

Authors F

Farjeon, J Jefferson

Farrell, JG

Faulkner, Katherine – Greenwich Park (May-21) MD

Faulks, Sebastian – Jeeves and the Wedding Bells (Oct-14) AL

Faviell, Frances – A Chelsea Concerto (Oct-16) KM

Feldman, Ellen – The Unwitting (Jul-14) VB

Ferguson, Rachel – Evenfield (Dec-16) ST

Fergusson, Ben – The Spring of Kasper Meier (Oct-14) LR Guest post

Ferrante, Elena

Fielding, Karen – American Sycamore (Apr-14) AG

Finn, AJ – The Woman in the Window (Jan-18) BRD

Fiorato, Marina – Beatrice and Benedick (Jul-14) AG

Fisher, CJ – When We Were Alive (Apr-16) ST

Fitzgerald, F. Scott – This Side of Paradise (Jun-20) HD

Fitzgerald, Penelope – Offshore (Jul-18) ST

Fitzgerald, Zelda – Save Me the Waltz (Jan-19) HD

Flanagan, Richard – The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Jul-18) IB

Flaubert, Gustave – Sentimental Education (Jun-16) VB

Foenkinos, David – The Mystery of Henri Pick (Jun-20) HD

Fontane, Theodor – Effi Briest (Apr-15) HD

Forbes, Elena – Jigsaw Man (Jan-15) KHM

Forbes, Michelle – Edith and Oliver (Feb-18) AG

Forman, Gayle – I Was Here (Jan-15) YA, AG

Forna, Aminatta – Happiness (May-18) LU

Forster, Margaret – The Unknown Bridesmaid (Apr-14) VB

Fowler, Karen Joy – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves (Jul-14) ST

Fowley-Doyle, Moira – The Accident Season (Aug-15) BG

Francis, Richard – Laura Laura (Aug-20) HD

Franklin, Ariana – Winter Siege (with Samantha Norman) (Oct-14) HD

Fraser-Sampson, Guy – Death in Profile (Jun-16) ST

Fremantle, Elizabeth

Fremlin, Celia – Biographical Note (Apr-14) VB

French, Nicci

French, Tana

Freud, Esther – Mr Mac and Me (Oct-14) HS

Frew, Peggy – Hope Farm (Jun-16) AG. Interview

Fricke, Lucy – Daughters (Oct-20) Tr, EU

Fuller, Claire

Furniss, Clare – Year of the Rat (Jan-15) AG

Furst, Alan – A Hero in France (Aug-16) AG

Authors G

Gaffney, David – All the Places I’ve Ever Lived (Apr-17) BRD

Gaffney, Frankie – Dublin Seven (Jan-16) LM

Gagneur, Marie-Louise – Three Rival Sisters (Dec-20) KL

Gaiman, Neil – The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Jul-14) JR

Gaitán Johannesson, Jessica – How We Are Translated (Feb-21) AH

Galbraith, Robert (a.k.a. JK Rowling)

Gale, Patrick

Galgut, Damon – The Promise (Aug-21) AH

Galloway, Janice

Galloway, Steven – The Confabulist (Oct-14) AG

Gamboa, Santiago – Return to the Dark Valley (Oct-17) BRD

Gappah, Petina – The Book of Memory (Oct-15) TJ

Gardam, Jane – The Hollow Land (Jan-15) LWH

Gardner, Sally – The Door That Led to Where (Apr-15) AG

Garnier, Pascal

Gavalda, Anna

Gavron, Jeremy – Felix Culpa (Feb-18) RS

Gazdanov, Gaito

Gee, Maggie – Virginia Woolf in Manhattan (Jul-14) ST Interview

Georget, Philippe – Autumn: All the Cats Return (Oct-14) TJ

Geras, Adèle

Gibbons, Stella – Pure Juliet (Jan-16) HA

Gibson, Jasper

Giesbert, Franz-Olivier – Himmler’s Cook (Jun-16) SO

Gilbert, Elizabeth

Gilbert, Michael – Death in Captivity (Jun-19) HA

Giordano, Mario – Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (Mar-17) AG

Giovanni, Maurizio de

Girouard, Blanche – The Story of Keth (Dec-20) RS

Gissing, George – The Whirlpool (Apr-15) HA

Glaister, Lesley – The Squeeze (Sep-17) AH

Glaser, Rachel B. – Paulina and Fran (Oct-16) SO

Glattauer, Daniel – Forever Yours (Dec-14) VB

Godden, Rumer

Godden, Salena – Mrs Death Misses Death (Mar-21) AH

Goenawan, Clarissa – The Perfect World of Miwako Sumida (Oct-20) AH

Gogol, Nikolai – The Night Before Christmas (Dec-14) KL

Golding, William – Rites of Passage (Jul-18) AG

Goldsworthy, Vesna – Gorsky (Jul-15) PF

Goncharov, Ivan – The Same Old Story (Jan-16) KL

Goodman, David A – The Autobiography of Captain James T Kirk (Oct-15) AG

Goodwin, Anne – Sugar and Snails (Jul-15) VB

Goodwin, Daisy – The Fortune Hunter (Oct-14) ESL

Goodwin, Jason – The Baklava Club (Jul-14) HP

Gordimer, Nadine – The Conservationist (Jul-18) KHD

Gordon, Kat – The Artificial Anatomy of Parks (Jul-15) VB

Goss, Theodora – The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter (Sep-17) HP

Goudge, Elizabeth – The Runaways (Apr-14) RFe

Gould, Emily – Friendship (Oct-15) VB

Govinden, Niven – Diary of a Film (Apr-21) AG

Gowar, Imogen Hermes – The Mermaid & Mrs Hancock (Feb-18) MD

Graham, Laurie – The Grand Duchess of Nowhere (Oct-14) VB

Graham, Winston – Ross Poldark (Apr-15) AG

Grahame-Smith, Seth – Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (Jul-17) AG

Gran, Sara – The Infinite Blacktop (Jan-19) BRD

Grant, Linda – Upstairs at the Party (Oct-14) EKA

Granville, Eliza – Gretel and the Dark (Apr-15) HA

Greenburg, Bradley – When Lilacs Last in the Doorway Bloomed (Jul-14) VB

Greene, Thomas Christopher – The Headmaster’s Wife (Jul-14) VB

Greenland. Seth – The Hazards of Good Fortune (Sep-18) BRD

Grenville, Kate – A Room Made of Leaves (Aug-20) GD

Grey, Isabelle – Good Girls Don’t Die (Jan-15) BT

Grey, Melissa – The Girl at Midnight (Jul-15) BG

Grey, V.B. – Tell Me How it Ends (Aug-20) GD

Griffith, Nicola – Hild (Oct-14) HS Guest post

Griffiths, Elly

Grin, Alexander – Fandango & Other Stories (Mar-20) KL

Grisham, John – Gray Mountain (Jan-15) HD

Guevara, Canek Sanchez – 33 Revolutions (Dec-16) AG

Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet – Liar (Apr-19) AH

Gunn, Kirsty – Caroline’s Bikini (Jun-18) HD

Guskin, Sharon – The Forgetting Time (Apr-16) HD Interview

Gutcheon, Beth – Gossip (Apr-14) AG

Guterson, David – Problems with People (Oct-14) VB

Gyasi, Yaa – Homegoing (Oct-17) LU

Authors H

Hadfield, Jen – The Stone Age (Poetry, Apr-21) HA

Hale, Shannon – Austenland (Jul-17) AG

Hall, Catherine – The Repercussions (Oct-14) EKL

Hall, Sarah – The Wolf Border (Apr-15) VB

Halliday, Lisa – Asymetry (May-18) HD

Hameda, Kamal Ben – Under the Tripoli Sky (Oct-14) BG

Hammad, Isabella – The Parisian (May-19) AH

Hammer, Chris – Scrublands (Aug-19) KF

Hamya, Jo – Three Rooms (Aug-21) AH

Hancock, Sheila – Miss Carter’s War (Jan-15) LM

Hanff, Helene – 84 Charing Cross Road (Jan-16) ST

Hanks, Tom – Uncommon Type (Nov-17) AF

Hannah, Sophie

Hardinge, Frances – The Lie Tree (Jul-15) AGr

Harkaway, Nick

Harkness, Deborah

Harper, Elodie – The Wolf Den (Jun-21) LWH

Harper, Jane

Harris, Jane – Sugar Money (Oct-17) HD

Harris, Joanna (M) – The Gospel of Loki (Apr-14) AG

Harris, Robert

Harris, Thomas – Cari Mora (Jul-19) BRD

Harris, Will – Rendang (May-20) AH

Harrison, Melissa – All Among the Barley (Mar-19) SO

Harrison, M John – The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again (Aug-20) KL

Hartley, LP

Harvey, Samantha – Dear Thief (Oct-14) VB

Hastings, Milo M – City of Endless Night (Jul-14) ST

Hay, Mavis Doriel

Hayes, Alfred – The End of Me (Jun-20) AG

Haynes, Annie – The Crystal Beads Murder (Dec-15) LB

Haynes, Elizabeth – Behind Closed Doors (Apr-16) GD

Haynes, Natalie – The Children of Jocasta (Aug-17) AG

Healey, Emma – Whistle in the Dark (May-18) HD

Henderson, Emma – The Valentine House (Apr-17) AG. Interview

Henderson, J Paul – The Last of the Bowmans (Jan-16) AG. Guest post

Hendrix, Grady – The Southern Book Group’s Guide to Slaying Vampires (May-20) AG

Henry, Veronica – How to Find Love in a Bookshop (Aug-16) ESL

Hensher, Philip – The Emperor Waltz (Oct-14) DK

Hériz, Enrique de – A Manual of Darkness (Aug-20) AG

Herron, Mick

  • Slow Horses (Oct-16) AG

Hervey, Jane – Vain Shadow (Jul-15) AB

Hesse, Hermann – Demian (Nov-17) KL

Heyer, Georgette – The Black Moth (Sep-21) HA

Heyman, Arlene – Artifact (Dec-20) RF

Higashino, Keigo – Journey Under the Midnight Sun (Dec-15) GD

Highsmith, Patricia

Hill, Nathan – The Nix (Mar-17) LU

Hill, Susan

Himes, Chester

Himes, Julie Lekstrom – Mikhail and Margarita (Apr-17) KL

Hislop, Victoria – The Sunrise (Oct-14) MF

Hobson, Charlotte – The Vanishing Futurist (Jun-16) KG

Hochgatterer, Paulus – The Day My Grandfather Was a Hero (Aug-20) EU

Hocking, Mary

Hodgson, Antonia – The Devil in the Marshalsea (Oct-14) AD

Hoffman, Alice – The Museum of Extraordinary Things (Apr-14) AG, Interview

Holland, Lucy – Sistersong (May-21) AG

Holm, Chris – The Killing Kind (Oct-15) DH

Hooper, Emma – Etta and Otto and Russell and James (Apr-15) AG

Hope, Anna

Hopkins, Ben – Cathedral (Mar-21) TJ

Hopton, Dr Ralph & Balliol, Anne – Bed Manners (Oct-14) ST

Hornby, Gill – Miss Austen (Mar-20) AH

Hornby, Nick – Funny Girl (Jan-15) AG

Hourston, Alex – In My House (Jul-15) LBo

Howorth, Lisa – Flying Shoes (Oct-14) VB

Hrbek, Greg – Not on Fire, But Burning (Oct-15) AG

Hubbard, Sue – Rainsongs (Feb-18) JM

Hull, Richard – The Murder of My Aunt (May-18) HD

Hulme, Keri – The Bone People (Jul-18) LS

Humphreys, Helen – The Evening Chorus (Jul-15) DS

Hunt, Laird – Neverhome (Apr-15) HD

Hunter, Megan

Huth, Angela – Colouring In (Aug-15) AGe

Authors I, J, K

IliazdRapture (Russian Library) (Aug-17) KL

Imamura, Natsuko – The Woman in the Purple Skirt (Jul-21) AH

Ishiguro, Kazuo

Ivey, Eowyn – To the Bright Ends of the Earth (Aug-16) AG

Jackson, Shirley

Jacob, Mira – The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing (Oct-14) VB

Jacobs, Gerald – Pomeranski (Jun-20) AG, Guest Post

Jacobson, Howard

Jacquiery, Anna – Death in the Rainy Season (Apr-15) LBo

James, Marlon – A Brief History of Seven Killings (Jul-18) EKA

James, PD – Death Comes to Pemberley (Jul-17) AG

Jansson, Tove

Japrisot, Sébastien – The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (Aug-19) AG

Jean, Raymond – Reader for Hire (Jul-15) ST

Jégo, Yves & Lépée, Denis – The Sun King Conspiracy (Jun-16) HS

Jerrold, Ianthe – The Studio Crime (Jul-15) HD

Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer – Heat and Dust (Jul-18) JC

John, DB – Star of the North (Jun-18) AG

John, Elnathan – Born on a Tuesday (Jun-16) TJ

Johncock, Benjamin – The Last Pilot (Aug-15) AG

Johnstone, Doug

Jones, Cynan – The Dig (Apr-14) VH

Jones, Hilary Dr – Frontline (Sep-21) JB

Jones, Robert Jr – The Prophets (Feb-21) AH

Jones, Sadie – Fallout (Jul-14) VB

Joyce, Rachel

Kalpakian, Laura – Three Strange Angels (Apr-15) VB. Guest post

Kang, Han

Kat, Otto de – The Longest Night (Mar-17) GD

Kavan, Anna

Kawakami, Hiromi – People From My Neighbourhood (Sep-20) Tr, AH

Kawakami, Meiko

Kay, Francesca – The Long Room (Jan-16) HD

Kay, Mara – Youngest Lady in Waiting (Apr-15) ESL

Kelby, Nicole Mary – The Pink Suit (Apr-15) SO

Kelman, James – How Late it Was, How Late (Jul-18) LH

Kennedy, AL – Paradise (Dec-15) JB

Kennedy, Margaret

Kent, Christobel

Kerr, Philip

Keun, Irmgard – The Artificial Silk Girl (Apr-19) HD

Keyes, Marian

Khodasevich, Vladislav – Necropolis (Russian Library) (Aug-19) KL

Khvoshchinskaya S – City Folk and Country Folk (Russian Library) (Dec-17) KL

Kiely, Benedict – The Captain With the Whiskers (Oct-16) JB

Kim, Anna – The Great Homecoming (Jun-20) EU

Kimani, Peter – Dance of the Jacaranda (Mar-18) TJ

King, Lily – Writers & Lovers (Feb-21) RF

Kingsley, Charles – The Water Babies (Oct-14) HD

Kingsnorth, Paul – Beast (Oct-16) DH

Kingsolver, Barbara – Unsheltered (Nov-18) AH

Kirino, Natsuo – The Goddess Chronicle (Sep-21) AG

Kitamura, Katie – A Separation (Apr-17) MS

Kitson, Mick – Featherweight (May-21) LWH

Knox, Elizabeth – The Absolute Book (Apr-21) MD

Knox, Joseph

Köhlmeier, Michael – Two Gentlemen on the Beach (Aug-16) VB

Korelitz, Jean Hanff

Kretser, Michelle de – The Life to Come (Aug-18) KF

Kross, Jaan

Krzhizhanovsky, Sigizmund – Autobiography of a Corpse (Apr-14) KL

Kundera, Milan – The Festival of Insignificance (Jul-15) ST

Kunzru, Hari

Authors L

Lagerkrantz, David – The Girl in the Spider’s Web (Oct-15) HD

Lagerlöf, Selma – The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson (Aug-16) AG

Lahiri, Jhumpa – The Lowland (Apr-14) RFe

Lake, Johanna – Black Lake (Apr-14) DS

Lalami, Laila – The Other Americans (May-19) GD

Lane, Harriet – Her (Jan-15) KF

Laurain, Antoine

Lautner, Robert – The Road to Reckoning (Apr-14) AG

Lawrenson, Deborah – The Sea Garden (Oct-14) AGe. Guest Post

Leavitt, David – The Two Hotel Francforts (Jan-15) VB

le Carré, John – A Legacy of Spies (Oct-17) BRD

Leduc, Violette – The Lady and the Little Fox Fur (Oct-18) KL

Lee, Harper – Go Set a Watchman (Aug-15) HD

Lee, Min Jin

Leigh, Mike – Abigail’s Party (May-17) AG

Lem, Stanislaw

Lemaitre, Pierre

Lerner, Ben – 10:04 (Jul-15) SO

Leroy, Margaret – The English Girl (Oct-14) DS

Levene, Louise – Happy Little Bluebirds (Mar-19) SO

Levy, Deborah

Levy, Tatiana Salem – The House in Smyrna (Aug-15) TM

Ley, Rosanna – Return to Mandalay (Jul-14) ESL

Li, Lilian – Number One Chinese Restaurant (Apr-19) AG

Liberaki, Margarita – Three Summers (Aug-21) KL

Limburg, Joanne – A Want of Kindness (Oct-15) VB. Interview

Lindgren, Astrid

Lippman, Laura

Lish, Atticus – Preparations for the Next Life (Jul-15) MD

Litvinoff, Emanuel – The Lost Europeans (Jun-16) ST

Lively, Penelope – Moon Tiger (Jul-18) IB & GD

Lobe, Max – A Long Way From Douala (Feb-21) AG

Locke, Attica

Lockhart, E – We Were Liars (Jul-14) BG

Lodato, Victor – Edgar & Lucy (May-18) AF

Lofting, Hugh – Victory for the Slain (Jun-20) RS (Poetry)

Logan, Kirsty – The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales (Apr-14) DH

Louatah, Sabri – Savages: The Wedding (Feb-18) AG

Lovecraft, HP – The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Mar-17) KL

Lovric, Michelle – The True and Splendid History of the Harristown Sisters (Jul-14) HP

Lowry, Elizabeth – Dark Water (Jan-19) AGo

Lupton, Rosamund

Lynch, PK – Armadillos (Jun-16) AG

Authors M

Macaulay, Rose

MacDonald, C.C. – Happy Ever After (Jan-20) BRD

Mandel, Emily St.John – Station Eleven (Sep-14) AG

Magris, Claudio – A Different Sea (Dec-16) HA

Mahfouz, Najib – The Quarter (Jul-20) AH

MallockThe Cemetery of Shadows (Jul-14) FL

Mallon, Michael – The Disciple (Mar-21) AG

Maloney, Iain – First Time Solo (Oct-14) AB

Maloney, Thomas

Malvaldi, Marco

Mandel, Emily St John – Station Eleven (Oct-14) AG

Mangan, Christine – Tangerine (May-18) AG

Mankell, Henning – An Event in Autumn (Oct-14) HD

Mansfield, Katherine – Poems (Jun-16) ST

Mantel, Hilary

Manyika, Sarah Ladipo – Like a Mule Bringing Ice Cream to the Sun (Jun-16) CM

Marías, Javier

Marshall-Ball, Sara – Hush (Jul-15) VB

Martel, Jann

Mascarenhas, Kate – The Psychology of Time Travel (Aug-18) AG

Mascull, Rebecca – The Visitors (Oct-14) JC

May, Peter

Mayne, Andrew – Angel Killer (Dec-15) HD

Mayor, FM – Miss Browne’s Friend (Jun-21) HD

McBain, Ed – Cut Me In (Jan-16) AG

McCann, Colum – Apeirogon (Apr-20) AH

McCulloch, Tom – The Stillman (Jul-14) AB

McDermid, Val – Northanger Abbey (Apr-14) AG

McDermott, Alice – Someone (Jan-15) VB

McDonagh, Martine – Narcissism for Beginners (Mar-17) AG, Interview

McEwan, Ian

McGregor, Jon – Reservoir 13 (Jun-17) DH

McInerny, Jay – Bright Precious Days (Oct-16) SO

McKeon, Belinda – Tender (Aug-15) AF

McKinty, Adrian – The Chain (Aug-19) BRD

McNeill, Janet

McWatt, Tessa – The Snow Line (Jul-21) HD

Means, David – Hystopia (Jun-16) AH

Meloy, Maile – Do Not Become Alarmed (Jul-17) HD

Melville, Alan

Meredith, Anne – Portrait of a Murderer (Nov-17) HD

Michaels, Leonard

Michaels, Sean – Us Conductors (Jan-16) SO

Middleton, Stanley – Holiday (Jul-18) AG

Miles, Terry – Rabbits (Jun-21) AG

Millar, Margaret

Millar, Martin – The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies (Apr-15) MD

Millard, Rosie – The Brazilian (Sep-17) LM

Miller, Andrew – The Crossing (Oct-15) JW

Miller, Derek B – The Girl in Green (Oct-16) BRD

Mills, Magnus – The Field of the Cloth of Gold (Apr-15) AG

Mishima, Yukio – Five Modern Noh Plays (Aug-21) TJ

Mitchell, David

Monsó, Imma – A Man of His Word (Jan-15) JM

Montgomery, LM – A Tangled Web (Jul-14) MG

Moore, Alison – He Wants (Oct-14) AHo

Moore, Doris Langley – My Caravaggio Style (Feb-20) ST

Morand, Paul – The Man in a Hurry (Apr-15) KL

Morandini, Claudio – Snow, Dog, Foot (Feb-20) RF

Moriarty, Liane – Big Little Lies (Oct-14) VB

Moshfegh, Ottessa

Moss, Sarah

Motion, Andrew – The New World (Oct-14) RJ

Motoya, Yukiko – Picnic in the Storm (Mar-19) AH

Moyes, Jojo

Mozley, Fiona – Elmet (Sep-17) DH

Mujilla, Fiston Mwanza – Tram 83 (Apr-16) TJ

Mukasonga, Scholastique – Our Lady of the Nile (Jun-21) DS

Mulhauser, Travis – Sweetgirl (Apr-16) AG

Munro, Alice – Lives of Girls and Women (Apr-15) VB

Murakami, Haruki

Murata, Sayaka – Earthlings (Nov-20) AH

Murdoch, Iris – The Sea, the Sea (Jul-18) GD

Murray, Rosalind – The Happy Tree (Jan-15) ST

Murugan, Perumal – One Part Woman (Aug-19) AH

Myers, Benjamin – Beastings (Sep-19) KF

Mytting, Lars

Authors N

Nadel, Barbara – Poisoned Ground (Oct-14) DS. Interview

Naipaul, VS – In a Free State (Jul-18) AH

Nakajima, Kyoko – Things Remembered and Things Forgotten (Jun-21) AH

Ndiaye, Marie – Ladivine (Jun-16) KG

Neblett, Karla – King of Rabbits (Apr-21) AH

Nelson, Jandy – I’ll Give You the Sun (Apr-15) BG

Némirovsky, Irène – The Fires of Autumn (Jan-15) HD

Nesbit, E – The Lark (Apr-17) HD

Ness, Patrick – Release (Jul-18) AG

Nesser, Håkan – The Living and the Dead in Winsford (Oct-15) HD

Neuvel, Sylvain – A History of What Comes Next (Apr-21) MD

Newby, PH – Something to Answer For (Jul-18) KHD

Newman, Peter – The Vagrant (Apr-15) DHa

Ng, Celeste – Everything I Never Told You (Jan-15)

Nicholls, David – Us (Oct-14) LM

Nikolaidis, Andrej – Till Kingdom Come (Oct-15) CM

Noble, Barbara – The House Opposite (Sep-19) ESL

Noon, Jeff

Norek, Olivier – The Lost and the Damned (Dec-20) GD

Norris, Barney – Five Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain (Jun-16) HD

North, Claire

North, Gil – Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm (Aug-16) HD

Norton, Graham – Holding (Jul-17) LM

Novik, Naomi – Uprooted (Jul-15) SG

Nunez, Sigrid – What Are You Going Through (Nov-20) AG

Authors O

Oates, Joyce Carol – Dis Mem Ber (Jul-17) KL

O’Brien, Edna – The Little Red Chairs (Jan-16) KHD

O’Donnell, Peter – Modesty Blaise: Ripper Jax (Apr-16) AG

O’Farrell, Maggie

Ogawa, Yoko – The Memory Police (Aug-20) AG

Okri, Ben – The Famished Road (Jul-18) CP

Oliver, Jane & Stafford, Ann – Business As Usual (Feb-20) AL

Olivier, Edith – The Love Child (Oct-14) ST

Oller, Narcis – The Madness (Sep-20) Tr, EU

Ollikainen, Aki – White Hunger (Apr-15) KG

Olsson, Hagar – Chitambo (Jun-20) KL

Ondaatje, Michael – The English Patient (Jul-18) TJ

O’Neill, Heather – The Girl Who Was Saturday Night (Jul-14) VB Interview

O’Neill, Louise

Onuzo, Chibundu – Welcome to Lagos (Feb-17) TJ

Orange, Ursula – Tom Tiddler’s Ground (Apr-17) ST

Ørstavik, Hanne – The Blue Room (Jul-14) HA

Osborne, John – Look Back in Anger (Apr-15) AG

Osborne, Lawrence – Only To Sleep (Dec-18) BRD

Osman, Mat – The Ruins (Mar-20) AG

Otten, William Jan – The Portrait (Oct-14) HP

Owen, Laura – The Quick (Jul-14) SG

Oyeyemi, Helen – Boy, Snow, Bird (Apr-14) ST

Authors P, Q

Packer, Nigel – The Restoration of Otto Laird (Jan-15) VB

Padel, Ruth – Daughters of the Labyrinth (Aug-21) LWH

Palahnuik, Chuck – Adjustment Day (Jul-18) RS

Pamuk, Orhan – The Red-Haired Woman (Dec-17) RS

Panter-Downes, Mollie

Patchett, Ann – The Dutch House (Oct-19) HD

Paull, Laline – The Bees (Apr-15) BG, Book Club Discussion

Paver, Michelle – Wakenhyrst (Nov-19) AG

Pearce, AJ – Dear Mrs Bird (Apr-18) HS

Peck, Winifred – Bewildering Cares (Dec-16) JB

Penney, Stef – Under a Pole Star (Dec-16) AG, Interview

Penny, Louise – The Long Way Home (Oct-14) AD

Perec, Georges – I Remember (Jun-20) KL

Perry, Sarah

Perutz, Leo – Master of the Day of Judgment (Dec-15) VB

Pheby, Alex – Playthings (Jan-16) AGo

Pierre, DBC – Vernon God Little (Jul-18) KF

Porter, Eleanor H – Pollyanna (Apr-14) BG

Porter, Max

Porto, Alexandre Vidal – Sergio Y (Jun-16) VB

Poulson, Christine – Deep Water (Nov-16) GD

Powell, Jim – Things We Nearly Knew (Jan-19) SO

Powers, Richard

Pratt, Non – Remix (Jul-15) BG

Prescott, Shaun – The Town (Aug-18) HD

Preston, Alex – In Love and War (Oct-14) VB

Priest, Christopher

Pryce, Malcolm – The Case of the Hail Mary Celeste (Apr-15) VB

Pulley, Natasha

Pullman, Philip – La Belle Sauvage, The Book of Dust Vol I (Nov-17) HP

Punti, Jordi – Lost Luggage (Jul-14) AG

Pushkin, Alexander

Quick, Matthew – The Good Luck of Right Now (Apr-14) HD

Quigley, Geraldine – Music Love Drugs War (Mar-19) AH

Quin, Ann – Berg (May-19) HP

Quindlen, Anna

Authors R

Raake, John Kåre – The Ice (Mar-21) GD

Rahman, Zia Haider – In the Light of What We Know (Jul-14) VB

Rankin, Ian – Westwind (Jun-20) RS

Rao, Mahesh – The Smoke is Rising (Apr-14) SG

Rash, Ron – Above the Waterfall (Mar-17) SO

Rattle, Alison – The Madness (Apr-14) AG

Redondo, Iris – The Invisible Guardian (Jan-16) MS

Renault, Mary

Rendell, Ruth – Dark Corners (Dec-15) HD

Rentzenbrink, Cathy – Everyone is Still Alive (Jul-21) AG

Reve, Gerard – Childhood (Dec-18) HD

Reventlow, Franziska zu – The Guesthouse at the Sign of the Teetering Globe (Dec-17) LS

Reynolds, Alastair – Revenger (Oct-16) DHa

Reynolds, Rod – The Dark Inside (Oct-15) GD

Reza, Parisa – The Gardens of Consolation (Feb-17) TJ

Rhodes, Kate – A Killing of Angels (Oct-14) JC

Rice, James – Alice & the Fly (Apr-15) MB

Riley, Gwendoline – First Love (Feb-17) EF

Rilke, Rainer Maria – The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge (Jun-16) KL

Roberts, Adam – By the Pricking of Her Thumb (Sep-18) DHa

Roberts, Bethan

Robinson, Marilynne

Robinson, Ray – Jawbone Lake (Apr-14) DH

Rochelle, Mercedes – Heir to a Prophecy (Jan-15) HS

Roffey, Monique – Profile (Oct-14) VB

Rooney, Sally – Conversations with Friends (Jun-17) LU. Interview

Rose, Augustus – The Ready Made Thief (Sep-17) HD

Rose, Heather – The Museum of Modern Love (Jun-17) IB

Rosoff, Meg

Roth, Joseph – The Coral Merchant: Essential Stories (Jul-20) EU

Rouf, Ketty – No Touching (Aug-21) AG

Rowland, John

Roy, Arundhati

Roy, Sandip – Don’t Let Him Know (Apr-15) DK

Royle, Nicholas – Ornithology (Oct-17) AG

Royle, Nicholas (Prof) – An English Guide to Birdwatching (May-17) AG, Interview

Rubens, Bernice – The Elected Member (Jul-18) AHo

Rufin, Jean-Christophe – Checkpoint (Jun-17) TJ

Runcie, James

Rushdie, Salman

Ruskovich, Emily – Idaho (Feb-18) SO

Russell, Karen – Swamplandia (Jul-20) LT

Authors S

Sackville-West, Vita – The Edwardians (Apr-16) ST

Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de – Night Flight (Oct-16) ST

SakiThe Unbearable Bassington (Oct-20) ESL

Saltykov-Shchedrin, ME

Samson, Polly – A Theatre for Dreamers (Apr-21) RF

Sansal, Boualem – Harraga (Jan-15) Tr. AF

Sansom, CJ – Lamentation (Jan-15) AGe

Saunders, George – Lincoln in the Bardo (Jul-18) RF

Saunders, Kate

Savage, Thomas – The Power of the Dog (Apr-16) AG

Scott, Paul – Staying On (Jul-18) HD

Scott, Walter – Waverley (Jul-15) HA

Searle, Nicholas – The Good Liar (Jan-16) GD

Searles, John – Help for the Haunted (Oct-14) VB

Sebastian, Mihail – For Two Thousand Years (Apr-16) SG

Sedgwick, Marcus – The Ghosts of Heaven (Jan-15) AG

Seethaler, Robert – The Tobacconist (Dec-16)

Senna, Danzy – New People (Oct-17) AF

Setterfield, Diane – Once Upon a River (Aug-19) JC

Shafak, Elif

Shamsie, Kamila – A God in Every Stone (Jul-14) RJ

Sharp, Margery

Shaw, Ali – The Trees (Apr-16) AG

Shaw, William – Grave’s End (Aug-20) AG

Sheers, Owen – I Saw a Man (Jul-15) AG

Sheriff, R.C. – Greengates (Dec-15) ABa

Shipstead, Maggie – Astonish Me (Apr-15) VB

Silberrad, Una L – The Good Comrade (Oct-14) JC

Simenon, Georges

Sims, George – The End of the Web (Aug-17) HD

Singh, Sunny – Hotel Arcadia (Apr-15) AG

Sirlin, Avi – The Evolutionist (Jan-15) PH

Sittenfeld, Curtis – Eligible (Jul-17) AG

Slimani, Leïla

Smaill, Anna – The Chimes (Aug-15) EKA

Smiley, Jane

Smith, Ali

Smith, Ben – Doggerland (May-19) RF

Smith, Jonathan – Wilfred and Eileen (Jul-14) RFe

Sok Fong, Ho – Lake Like a Mirror (Nov-19) DH

Soseki, Natsume – The Miner (Oct-15) DH

Soyinka, Wole – Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth (Oct-21) AH

Spain, Nancy – Death Goes on Skis (Dec-20) HA

Spark, Muriel – Territorial Rights (Apr-14) ST

Spring, Howard

Spufford, Francis – Golden Hill (Jun-16) AG

Staalesen, Gunnar – Where Roses Never Die (Oct-16) GD

Starnone, Domenico – Trust (Oct-21) BRD

Statovci, Pajtim – Crossing (May-19) AH

Stead, Christina – Letty Fox: Her Luck (Jun-17) KL

Stephenson, Neal – Seveneves (Jul-15) DHa

Stevens, Madeline – Devotion (Sep-19) HD

Stevenson, DE – Five Windows (Apr-16) CRe

Stevenson, Robert Louis – Treasure Island (Jan-16) AG

Stibbe, Nina

Stoker, Bram – Dracula (Jan-16) HD

Storey, David – Saville (Jul-18) JR

Storey, Erik – Nothing Short of Dying (Oct-16) BRD

Straub, Emma – All Adults Here (Jul-20) AD

Strout, Elizabeth

Strugatsky, Arkady & Boris – One Billion Years to the End of the World (Oct-20) KL

Stuart, Douglas – Shuggie Bain (Nov-20) AH

Suárez, Karla – Havana Year Zero (Mar-21) PF

Swanson, Peter

Swift, Graham – Last Orders (Jul-18) AB

Sylvain, Dominique – Shadows and Sun (Nov-17) TJ

Szabo, Magda

Authors T

Tait, Vanessa – The Looking Glass House (Aug-15) EB

Taneja, Preti – We That Are Young (Nov-17) LU

Tanweer, Bilal – The Scatter Here is Too Great (Oct-14) DK

Targowla, Olivier – Narcisse on a Tightrope (Jul-21) DL

Tartt, Donna – The Goldfinch (Jul-14) HD

Tawada, Yoko – Memoir of a Polar Bear (Mar-17) TJ

Taylor, Andrew – The Ashes of London (Jun-16) HD

Taylor, Elizabeth – A Wreath of Roses (Jul-17) GD

Taylor, Sara – The Shore (Apr-15) DH

Teir, Philip – The Winter War (Jan-15) VB

Tempest, Kae – Paradise (Sep-21) AH

Thériault, Denis – The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman (Dec-14) AL

Thien, Madeleine – Do Not Say We Have Nothing (Oct-16) KHD

Thirkell, Angela

Thomas, Joe – Paradise City (Feb-17) AG, Guest Post

Thomas, Scarlett – The Seed Collectors (Aug-15) DHa

Thomson, Rupert

Thornton, Rosy – Sandlands (Aug-16) AGe, Guest Post

Thurber, James – The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (Feb-17) KL

Thuy, Kim – Mãn (Oct-14) SO

Thynne, Jane – A War of Flowers (Apr-15) ESL. Interview (Apr-15) AG

Tiraboschi, Roberto – The Apothecary’s Shop (Dec-17) BRD

Tobin, Sophia – The Widow’s Confession (Jan-15) RH Interview VB

Todd, Janet – A Man of Genius (Apr-16) HD, Interview

Toews, Miriam – All My Puny Sorrows (Jul-14) VB

Tóibín, Colm – Brooklyn (Jan-16) JW. Film Article – DC

Tolstoy, Leo – Anna Karenina (Oct-14) HR

Torrington, Jeff – Swing, Hammer, Swing! (Dec-15) NM

Towles, Amor

Tremain, Rose

Trillin, Calvin – Tepper Isn’t Going Out (Jan-16) ST

Trollope, Anthony

Trueba, David – Rolling Fields (Jul-20) ME

Tsiolkas, Christos – Barracuda (Oct-14) KF

Tsushima, Yuko – Territory of Light (May-18) AG

Turow, Scott – Testimony (Sep-17) BRD

Turton, Stuart – The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (Mar-18) HD

Tutton, Diana – Mamma (May-21) HD

Tyce, Harriet – The Lies You Told (Sep-20) ESL

Tyler, Anne

Tynianov, Y – Death of the Vazir-Mukhtar (Oct-18) KL

Authors UV

Underdown, Beth – The Witchfinder’s Sister (Mar-17) AF

Unsworth, Barry – Sacred Hunger (Jul-18) LS

Upson, Nicola

Uribe, KirmenBilbao-NewYork-Bilbao (Jan-15) Tr, DH

Van Booy, Simon – Everything Beautiful Came After (Jul-14) VB

Varenne, Antonin – Retribution Road (Jul-18) GD

Varvello, Elena – Can You Hear Me? (Aug-17) AG

Velton, Sonia – Blackberry & Wild Rose (Nov-19) HS

Vernon, Frances – Biographical Note (Jan-15) HD

Vick, FrancesChinaski (Jan-15) AG. Interview

Vivian, Renée – The Woman of the Wolf and Other Stories (Dec-20) KS

Vladislavic, Ivan – The Folly (Dec-15) KL

Vodolazkin, Eugene – The Aviator (Jul-18) KL

Vuong, Ocean – On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous (Dec-20) AH

Authors W

Waal, Kit de – My Name is Leon (Apr-17) AF. Guest Post

Walker, Martin – The Dying Season (Jul-15) LBo

Walker, Peter – Some Here Among Us (Jan-15) SO

Wallis, Rupert – All Sorts of Possible (Aug-15) AG Guest Post

Walpole, Horace – The Castle of Otranto (Oct-14) ST

Walters, Alex – Winterman (Mar-19) RS

Walton, Jo – The Just City (Dec-15) SH

Walton, Leslye – The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (Oct-14) KHM

Ward, Jesmyn – Sing, Unburied, Sing (Nov-17) LU

Ward, Sarah – In Bitter Chill (Jan-16) GD

Warner, Alan – Morvern Callar (Dec-15) KD

Warner, Sylvia Townsend

Wassmer, Julie

Waters, Sarah

Watson, Angus – Age of Iron (Oct-14) KHW, Interview (Oct-14) VB

Watson, Mark – Hotel Alpha (Oct-14) DH

Wayne, Jemma – Chains of Sand (Aug-16) IB

Weaver, Tim – Fall From Grace (Oct-14) HD

Weir, Andy

Weiringa, Tommy – The Death of Murat Idrissi (Feb-19) AF

Welby, Venetia – Mother of Darkness (Mar-17) AG

Welch, Ronald

Wells, HG – The Time Machine (Oct-17) AG

Welsh, Louise

Welty, Eudora – Delta Wedding (Jun-16) ST

West, Nathanael – Miss Lonelyhearts (Apr-14) ST

Westerfeld, Scott – Afterworlds (Dec-14) BG

Weyhe, Birgit – Madgermanes (Sep-21) AG

Wharton, Edith – Summer (Dec-15) HD

White, TH

Whitehead, Colson

Wilcken, Hugo – The Reflection (Oct-15) AG

Wilde, Oscar – The Canterville Ghost (Jul-14) JC

Wiles, Will – The Way Inn (Jul-14) AG

Williams, Conrad – Dust and Desire (Dec-15) LBo

Williams, Lara – Treats (Apr-16) KL

Williams, Niall – History of the Rain (Apr-14) KHo

Williams, Robert – Into the Trees (Apr-14) AG

Williamson, Lisa – The Art of Being Normal (Apr-15) BG

Wilson, Christopher – The Zoo (Aug-17) BRD

Wilson, Elizabeth – She Died Young (Mar-17) GD

Wilson, Laura

Winterson, Jeanette

Winton, Tim – Eyrie (Jul-15) KF Interview

Wood, Benjamin – The Ecliptic (Aug-15) RF

Wood, Charlotte – The Natural Way of Things (Jun-16) KF

Wood, Lucy – Weathering (Apr-15) JW

Wood, Naomi – Mrs Hemingway (Apr-14) VB. Q&A

Woolf, N Quentin – The Death of the Poet (Jul-14) HD

Woolf, Virginia

Wyld, Evie

Wynne, Anthony – Murder of a Lady (Jan-16) HA

Authors X, Y, Z

Yanagihara, Hanya – A Little LIfe (Jul-15) RF

Yates, Alexander – The Winter Place (Dec-15) AG. Guest post

Yokomizo, Seishi

Yokoyama, Hideo – Six Four (Jun-16) GD

Young, Angela –

Young, E H

Youngson, Anne – Meet Me at the Museum (Dec-19) AG

Zayyan, Hafsa – We Are All Birds of Uganda (Feb-21) PF

Zeh, Julie – Decompression (Jul-14) DH

Ziervogel, Meike

Zimler, Richard – The Night Watchman (Jul-14) TV

Zinovieff, Sofka – Putney (Aug-19) SO

Zola, Emile

Zoshchenko, Mikhail – Sentimental Tales (Russian Library) (Aug-18) KL


Barcelona Tales, ed Helen Constantine (Jun-19) KL

Being Various, New Irish Short Stories, ed Lucy Caldwell (Jun-19) LM

Belfast Stories, ed Paul McVeigh & Laura Frank (Aug-19) LM

British Library Crime Classics

British Library Science Fiction Classics

British Weird, ed James Machin (Nov-20) HA

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Lisbon Tales, ed Helen Constantine (Jun-19) KL

Russian Émigré Short Stories from Bunin to Yanovsky, edited by Bryan Karetnyk (Sep-17) KL

The Sinking Admiral by Members of the Detection Club, ed. Simon Brett

Women’s Weird 2: More Strange Stories by Women, 1891-1937, ed Melissa Edmundson (Nov-20) HA

Reviewer Key

AB – Andrew Blackman is an author, his website is here.
ABa – Anna Barber blogs at My Art is Living
AD – Ann Darnton at Café Society
AF – Alice Farrant @nomoreparades
AG – Annabel – Shiny Editor. AnnaBookBel @gaskella
AGe – Adèle Geras is an author and one of the History Girls
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