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Austen, Jane

Brookner, Anita – Remembering Anita – article (Apr-16) TO

Fremlin, Celia – A Life of Crime – article (Apr-14) VB

Montgomery, LM – Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874-1942) – A Biographical Note – article (Jul-14) HD

Rendell, Ruth – Ruth Rendell (1930-2015) – article (June-15) HD

Roffey, Monique – A Profile – article (Oct-14) VB

Vernon, Frances – Biographical Notes – article (Jan-15) HD

Waters, Sarah – How Sarah Waters won over the reading world – article (Oct-16) VB

Author Index

Collins, Shirley – America Over the Water (Mem) (May-22) AG

Rogers, Jude – The Sound of Being Human (Mem) (May-22) LD