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Editorial Policy:

The views expressed in the articles and reviews on Shiny New Books are those of their authors, and not of Shiny New Books itself.

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We are an independent review site. We love independent bookshops, and encourage our readers to support them wherever possible.

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Review Policy:

Publishers and authors please note: 

  • We are primarily a book recommendations site, so we only publish reviews of titles we have enjoyed reading. 
  • We aim to achieve a balance between genres, types and subjects of books featured and to distribute reviews amongst publishers.
  • For these reasons, we cannot cover every title we are offered for review, however, please accept our sincere thanks for any materials and books supplied to us.
  • We do not generally publish reviews of new titles in advance of their UK print publication dates, and go back typically up to six months for fiction titles / longer for non-fiction.
  • We are sorry, but at this time, we are not accepting self-published books or e-book only format publications for review.

If you have any questions please contact us at  info@shinynewbooks.co.uk

Review for us:

Shiny New Books is a recommendations site run by readers for readers – and we’re keen to have more reviewers involved. If you have an interest in newly published fiction, non-fiction, and reprints, and would like to write for us, then we’d love you to get in touch.  You can contact us at: info@shinynewbooks.co.uk

If you have a blog, insta or goodreads account then send us a link – otherwise send us an example or two of your writing, if possible. Please note:

  • Shiny New Books is self-funded, (with no income except via affiliate links which pay for our web-hosting) so cannot pay for contributions. We can usually arrange for review copies (print or e-books) to be sent from publishers.
  • Our house style is very simple – for a review, we request a minimum of 500 words (incl a quote or two, but no parroting of blurbs), no maximum. That’s it essentially! Check out our reviewers to get a feel.
  • We only review books we can recommend – typically 4 stars+ or 3+ with niggles explained.
  • The Shiny Editors reserve the right to edit all content (done with a very light hand) before posting. Major corrections will be agreed with the post author.
  • We’re very happy for you to use your review on your sites/accounts too (ideally rejigged for Google-search purposes), but request we publish first in general.

If we think you may be a good match for us, we’d love to hear from you!