Shiny New Books is an independent recommendations website covering recently published books in hardback and paperback from as many publishers as possible, the big names and the independents. Although we hope bibliophiles around the world will love reading Shiny New Books, the books we feature are all available in print in the United Kingdom. We also feature interviews and posts by authors, explaining the background to forthcoming releases and giving you a look behind the scenes of the writing process. At Shiny New Books, we think a bookshop isn’t necessarily the first place you want to hear about a new book, and that anticipating books, whether by new or established authors, is a particular readerly pleasure.

How did it all start?

Shiny New Books is what happens when you put four book bloggers in a virtual room and let them give in to wish-fulfilment. AnnabelVictoriaSimon and Harriet had all been friends in the blogosphere for years when a chance comment left by Annabel on a blog post encouraged Victoria to ask if she really did want to start a new online magazine. Once Annabel had picked herself off the floor and sat back down in front of the keyboard, they set about looking for two more members of the team. Simon and Harriet quickly joined in and, right from the start, they knew they wanted to create an exciting online space where the best of new fiction, non-fiction and reprints could be celebrated.

L-R: Harriet, Annabel, Victoria and Simon

With almost 30 years of blogging experience between them, the editors knew just how many passionate readers are out there on the net, talking and writing about books. The idea was to bring book lovers together, sharing the very best recommendations in one easy to navigate site. They also knew how much writing talent is available online, and Shiny New Books brings some of that together too, with contributions from bloggers and writers across the blogosphere.

Shiny New Books launched its first quarterly edition in April 2014.

Three years later, Victoria and Simon retired from the quartet of editors, but Harriet and Annabel continue as co-editors after a reformat from quarterly editions to regular new content every week.

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