A Shiny Merry Christmas

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By Annabel and Harriet

It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?

As if the pandemic lockdown wasn’t enough, in early April, Annabel managed to accidentally delete Shiny New Books – just like that (read more about that disaster here!). Thankfully, everyone was very understanding.

However, having to rebuild the site gave us the opportunity to update everything, choose a new look, and correct a lot of the typos that we missed.

And we’ve nearly finished! From over 1800 posts over six years, under a hundred are irretrievably lost, but we’re back up to nearly 1600 and hope to be done early in the new year after our Christmas break.

For those of you who have been asking about subscribing via email, while we rebuilt the site, to avoid filling your inboxes with those 1600 posts, we turned off email subscriptions. But you’ll be able to resubscribe to Shiny again in the New Year.

Alongside the rebuild, we have published 192 new posts this year – our usual mix of reviews of fiction and non-fiction, new editions of older books, and feature articles.

A huge thank you goes to everyone on our reviewing team – we couldn’t do it without you. Also, thank you to everyone who has ever contributed to Shiny New Books in the past, everyone who visits the site, whether directly or via facebook etc, all who comment or tweet.

So, we’re signing off for Christmas today, and will be back with loads of Shiny posts for you in mid January.

With love from Annabel and Harriet.


& Best Wishes for a Shiny New Bookish 2021!