Shiny New Books: Issue 10

In parts of the UK, it feels more like March than June, certainly not summery at all. Whatever the weather though, it’s always the right time to read a book. We hope we can tempt you.

We feel we’ve hit a particularly good mix of reviews in this issue, the first issue of our new alternate monthly format. Our Fiction section is packed with contemporary and historical novels in particular with a strong showing of translated novels too. Non-Fiction is full of biographies and autobiographies. Reprints has our usual selection of vintage crime novels alongside new editions from many sources. BookBuzz has interviews, articles, reading lists, publisher and award spotlights alongside a new feature, ‘A Novel Calling’.

Our next issue will be published on the first Thursday in August full of great summer reading. As always, if you click through one of our links to the Book Depository and make a purchase, we will earn a small commission which helps to pay for maintaining this website – thank you.

Happy reading – there is lots to explore!

SNB editorsHarriet, Annabel, Victoria, and Simon

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