Welcome to the new style Shiny New Books

We’re back!  We have a new site design and a new way of sharing our content with our readers. We’re changing from our former ‘magazine’ format, in which we published lots of new pages in big batches every couple of months (and giving you too much to read in one sitting), to continuous posting.

Each Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll publish new reviews and articles – sometimes just one post, occasionally more – for our first fortnight, we have multiple posts lined up.

This will be more manageable for Shiny Eds Harriet and Annabel, but will also give us a better opportunity to promote our reviews and articles and achieve a bigger readership for the individual posts.  We will keep to our original remit of reviewing books published during the previous 3-4 months, but can also be more responsive to scheduling our reviews closer to publication dates where practicable. Our regular newsletter will become a monthly review – you can sign up on the sidebar.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new style Shiny New Books. Please do tell us what you think – leave a comment or e-mail us, we love hearing from you. We particularly look forward to welcoming you as regular visitors.

Happy Reading

Harriet and Annabel


12 thoughts on “Welcome to the new style Shiny New Books

  1. It won’t accept my subscription below, so I’ll try it this way…hope you don’t mind!

  2. Fantastic! Love the new look and the new posting schedule. Great to see it all up and running. xx

    • Thank you Karen – and we’re all looking forward to seeing your latest reviews for us on the page too.

  3. Well done Annabel and Harriet! It looks wonderful, and I’m so pleased that SNB is continuing in its new format.

  4. Love the new look! I’m excited about the new format as well, and the lovely constant stream of reviews I will get to enjoy. 😀

  5. Oh dear, I LOVE Shiny New Books but I really can’t be doing with the new format. It’s so messy & confusing especially to those of us of a certain vintage with eyesight to match!

    I will of course persevere but do please have at least a BIT of a rethink!

    • Sorry you don’t like the new format, Helen. If you can tell us how you’re viewing it, that would be useful. It is only the home page though… once you click onto a review, the format is the same as it always was really (except for an extra sidebar.

      Now we’re moving to regular posting, we wanted a theme that allows us to keep more of the most recent posts at the top of the page – hence the three across.

  6. I was always confused by the lay out.Will explore the new one.

  7. I like the new lay out–i found it too “busy” in the past.Now it seems nicely spaced out with photos.My eyes are not perfect so i appreciate the change.I will read this blog more often now –i had given up on it.

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