Shiny New Books is Four!

Dear Readers,

It so happened that Shiny New Books turned four-years-old in April, on the 7th to be precise, and we were all so busy we didn’t notice.

When we started Shiny in April 2014, our aim was to be a quarterly magazine, with up to one hundred pages of reviews and articles each issue. Within a couple of issues, we’d added our ‘Inbetweenie’ editions with extra reviews, such was the amount of material we amassed.

When Simon and Victoria retired from being section editors, Annabel and Harriet decided to move to a regular posting format as being more manageable, based on two posts each Tuesday and Thursday (plus special extras on occasion).

The original magazine format had each review or article as a separate ‘page’ rather than ‘post’ with menus to link throughout. All these reviews are still available via the Shiny Indexes for Fiction and Non-Fiction or the now menu-less Shiny Archive tabs above.

So in May, to celebrate Shiny New Books’s 4th Birthday, the four Shiny Eds have each selected a handful of reviews and articles from the archives. Each day this month that we post new content, we’ll also republish one or two archive reviews from Issue 1, we hope you enjoy them.

Happy Reading

Harriet and Annabel, and ‘Editors At Large’ – Simon and Victoria

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