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Arts & Crafts, Architecture

CAMPLIN, Jamie & RANAURO, MariaBooks do Furnish a Painting (Oct-18, HA)
COLES, DavidChromatopia (Jun-19, LD)
CRAWFORD, AllenWhitman Illuminated: Song of Myself (NF4; MD)
CRAWFORD, SusanThe Vintage Shetland Project (Apr-18, HA)
DAVIES, Kate & ARNALL-CULLIFORD, Jen – The Book of Haps (NF10; HA)
DELL, ChristopherMythology – An Illustrated Journey into our Imagined Worlds (NF7; A)
DODD, Luke (ed) Jane Bown: A Lifetime of Looking (NF7; H)
GOMPERTZ; WillThink Like an Artist (NF6; A)

HATHERLEY, Owen –The Adventures of Owen Hatherley in the Post-Soviet Space (Jan-19, KL)

KNAUSGAARD, Karl OveSo Much Longing in So Little Space: The Art of Edvard Munch  (May-19, JM)

Cover (NF3; H)
What We See When We Read (NF3; RH)
MILLER, SharonHeirloom Knitting (Oct-17, HA)
PERRY, GraysonPlaying to the Gallery (NF3; A)
POTTS, RolfSouvenir (May-18, LD)
ROE, SueIn Montmartre: Picasso, Matisse and Modernism in Paris 1990-1910 (NF3; KL)
Shetland Guild of Spinners, Knitters, Weavers and DyersA Shetlander’s Fair-Isle Graph Book in Colour (NF12; HA)

WARNER, MarinaForms of Enchantment: Writings on Art & Artists (Mar-19, HP)
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Shiny New Authors:

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Entertainment: Film, Theatre, TV, Music

BILLINGTON, MichaelThe 101 Greatest Plays from Antiquity to the Present (NF7; H)
COLEMAN, TerryThe Old Vic (NF4; H)
CROALL, Jonathan
In Search of Gielgud (NF1; H)
Performing King Lear (NF8; H)
Performing Hamlet (Oct-18, H)
DROMGOOLE, DominicHamlet: Globe to Globe (May-17; H)
DYER, Geoff (Nov-18, A)
Heartthrobs: A History of Women and Desire (NF 2/17; H)
GILL, PeterApprenticeship (Sep-18, H)
HARRIS, MarkFive Came Back; A Story of Hollywood & the Second World War (NF5; V)
JOHNSON, StephenHow Shostakovich Changed my Mind (Apr-18, KL)
KYM, MinGone: A Girl, a Violin and a Life Unstrung (NF 4/17; H)
LAHR, JohnTennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh (NF3; MD)
LEPORE, JillThe Secret History of Wonder Woman (NF7; V)
LYNCH, David & MCKENNA, KristineRoom to Dream (July-18, H)
The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs (NF7; A)
Real Life Rock (NF7; A)
MORAN, Joe Armchair Nation An intimate history of Britain in front of the TV (NF4; A)
MORLEY, PaulThe Age of Bowie (NF12; A)

ROSENTHAL, DanielDramatic Exchanges – The Lives and Letters of the National Theatre (Jan-19, H)
SHIRCORE, IanLoose Cannon (NF12; RS)
THOMPSON, DerekHit Makers (NF 4/17; A)
THORN, Tracey
Bedsit Disco Queen (NF1; A)
Naked at the Albert Hall (NF5; A)
WELLS, Stanley
Great Shakespearean Actors: Burbage to Branagh (NF5; H)
Shakespeare : A Very Short Introductio (NF6; H)

Books Into Films

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Essays & Criticism, Books About Books, Shiny Reading Lists, Publishing

ARCHER Jodie & JOCKER Matthew LThe Bestseller Code (Aug-17; A)
ATHILL, DianaAlive, Alive Oh! (NF7; S)
BEARD, MaryWomen and Power (Nov-17, LD)
BEDFORD, SybillePleasures & Landscapes (RP2; S)
BELLOS. DavidThe Novel of the Century: The Extraordinary Adventure of Les Misérables (NF 2/17; A)BIRMINGHAM, KevinThe Most Dangerous Book; The Battle for James Joyce’s Ulysses (NF; MD)
BRADLEY, David et alA Eulogy fr Nigger and other essays (NF7: V); Author interview (BB7); Essay Extract (BB7); Interview with NHE Essay Prize Judge Ray Tallis (BB6)
BYTHELL, ShaunThe Diary of a Bookseller (Oct-17; S)
CAMPBELL, HayleyThe Art of Neil Gaiman (NF3; JR)
CAMPBELL; JenThe Bookshop Book (NF4; H) Author article (BB3)
CAREY, JohnThe Unexpected Professor – An Oxford Life in Books (NF2; RS)
CARSON, SusannahShakespeare & Me (ed) (NF2; S)
CAVE, Roderick & AYAD, SarahA History of Children’s Books in 100 Books (Dec-17, H)
DAY, JonCyclogeography (NF6; V) Author Interview (BB6)
DOUGLAS-FAIRHURST, RobertThe Story of Alice (BB9; S)
The Golden Age of Murder (NF6; LB)
Truly Criminal: A CWA Anthology of True Crime (NF6; LB)
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books (Aug-17; H)
ELLIS, SamanthaHow To Be A Heroine (NF1; JC)
FOWLER, ChristopherThe Book of Forgotten Authors (Dec-17, A)
GARNER, HelenEverywhere I Look (NF12; KF)
GUNN, Kirsty My Katherine Mansfield Project (NF7; S)
JAMES, Clive Latest Readings (NF7; A)
KENNEDY, A.L.On Writing (NF1; S)
LOPATE, PhillipPortrait Inside my Head (NF5; V) Author Interview (BB5)
LUCKHURST, Roger (Ed)A Literary History of Science Fiction (Jan-18, A)
MALCOLM, JanetForty-one False Starts (NF3; V)
MANGAN, LucyBookworm: A Memoir of Childhood Reading (Mar-18, LD)
MEAD, RebeccaThe Road to Middlemarch: My life with George Eliot (NF4; LWH)
MILLER, AndyThe Year of Reading Dangerously (NF5; A) Author article (BB5)
MORGAN, AnnReading the World (NF5; RF)
NELSON, Maggie The Argonauts (NF6; RH)
PAMUK, OrhanThe Naive and Sentimental Novelist (RP12; RS
PANTER-DOWNES, MollieLondon War Notes (RP6; S)
PARKS, Tim Where I’m Reading From (NF4; A)
SEDARIS, DavidLet’s Explore Diabetes with Owls (NF1; S)
SMITH, ZadieFeel Free: Essays (Mar-18, AHo)
STEVENS, NellMrs Gaskell & Me (Sept-18, RF)
TAMMET, DanielEvery word is bird we teach to sing (Sep-17; LD)
TAYLOR, Andrew Books That Changed the World (NF1; HA)
TAYLOR, D.J. The Prose Factory (NF9; LD)
van STRATEN, GiorgioIn Seach of Lost Books: The Forgotten Stories of Eight Mythical Volumes (Jan-18, TJ)
WALMSLEY; AnnThe Prison Book Club (NF8; V)
WILDE, Oscar
Beautiful and Impossible Things (RP7; KL) Intro by Gyles Brandreth to NHE new edition (BB7)
Letters to the Sphinx (RP7; S)
WOOLF, Virginia
A Room of One’s Own (RP4; S)
Essays on the Self (RP4; S)

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Food & Drink (aka The Mostly ‘Hayley’ Section!)

DAVIDSON, Alan ed. JAINE, TomThe Oxford Companion to Food (NF3; HA)
GATTRELL, PeterThe Making of The Modern Refugee (NF8; TJ)
HENRY; Diana
A Bird in the Hand (NF5; HA)
Simple (NF12; HA)
JOHANSEN, SigneSolo: The Joy of Cooking for One (Mar-18, HA)
MADDAMS, Tim Game (NF6; HA)
MELLER, GillGather (NF12; HA)
POOLE, Dr Simon & RIDGWAY JudyThe Olive Oil Diet (NF 2/17; H)

QUINN, SueCocoa (Apr-19, HA)
RANDALL, SarahMarmalade: A Bittersweet Cookbook (NF4; HA)
ROBINSON, Jancis & HARDING, Julia – The Oxford Companion to Wine 4th Edition (NF7; HA)
SHAPIRO, LauraWhat She Ate (Apr-18, HA)
ZAK, Zuza – Polska Polska (NF11; HA)
Anon – The Cocktail Book (Oct-17, HA)
Misc – Cookbooks for Christmas (NF13; HA)
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History, Politics, Current Affairs & Economics

ALDHOUSE-GREEN, MirandaSacred Britannia: The Gods and Rituals of Roman Britain (Jul-18, LD)
ATKINSON, DianeRise Up Women! The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes (Mar-18, LD)
BENSON, RichardThe Valley (NF2; V)
BROWN, GordonMy Life, Our Times (Jan-18, LD)
BROWN, Nancy Marie Ivory Vikings: The mystery of the most famous chessmen in the world… (NF7; LD)
BRYSON, BillOne Summer: America 1927 (NF2; H)
CHRISTIANSEN, RupertCity of Light (Aug-18, KL)

CRIADO PEREZ, CarolineInvisible Women (May-19, LD)
DE LISLE, LeandaWhite King:The Tragedy of Charles I (Jun-18, JB)
EVANS, JamesMerchant Adventurers (NF4; LD)
The Bitter Taste of Victory (NF9; RS)
The Love Charm of Bombs (NF1; H)
FISCHER, Erica Over the Ocean (NF2; JM)

FRENKEL, FrancineNo Place to Lay One’s Head (Feb-19, H)
FUKUYAMA, FrancisPolitical Order and Political Decay (NF3; EL)
GILDEA, RobertFighters in the Shadows (NF7; RC)
GREER, GermaineOn Rape (Sep-18, SH)
GUEHENNO, JeanDiary of the Dark Years 1940-1944 (NF12; TJ)
GOLD, ClaudiaKing of the North Wind: The Life of Henry II in Five Acts (Aug-18, LD)
HALL, DavidWorktown (NF7; H)
HAMILTON, JamesA Strange Business – Making Art & Money in 19th C Britain (NF2; FA)
HARMAN, ClaireMurder by the Book (Nov-18; H)
HARRIS, MarkFive Came Back; A Story of Hollywood & the Second World War (NF5; V)

HATHERLEY, OwenThe Adventures of Owen Hatherley in the Post-Soviet Space (Jan-19, KL)

HURSTON, Zora NealeBarracoon (Jun-18, H)
JONES, ColinThe Smile Revolution (NF3; H)
KAUFMANN, MirandaBlack Tudors (Jan-18, H)
KLOSTERMAN, ChuckBut What if We’re Wrong? (NF12; S)
MACGREGOR, NeilGermany – Memories of a Nation (NF4; TJ)
MACONIE, StuartLong Road from Jarrow (Aug-17; LD)
McCARTHY, HelenWomen of the World: The Rise of the Female Diplomat (NF2; V)
MANKOFF, Bob (Ed)The New Yorker Encyclopedia of Cartoons (Dec-18, HA)
MAXTONE GRAHAM, YsendaTerms and Conditions (S)
NAUNTON, ChrisSearching for the Lost Tombs of Egypt (Dec-18, H)
NEWMAN, CathyBloody Brilliant Women (Nov-18, LD)
NORBERG, JohanProgress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future (NF13; TJ)
NORTON, Elizabeth
The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor (NF12; LM)
The Lives of Tudor Women (NF13; H), Author Interview (BB13)
ORIGO, IrisA Chill in the Air: An Italian War Diary (Apr-18, TJ)
ORWELL, GeorgeThe Lion and the Unicorn (Feb-18, KL)
PARRY, Richard LloydGhosts of the Tsunami (Mar-18, TJ)
PERRY, AlexThe Good Mothers (Mar-18, MD)
Four Sisters (NF1; H)
Caught in the Revolution (NF12; RS)
The Race to Save the Romanovs (Nov-18, KL)
RENNISON; NickTalks about the Victorians (BB2)
RICHARDS, David Taking Command (NF4; TJ)
SEAGER, JoniThe Women’s Atlas (Dec-18, LD)
SEBBA, AnneLes Parisiennes, Author Interview (July-17; HP)
SHENNAN, MargaretOut in the Midday Sun (NF9; RS)
SNYDER, TimothyThe Road to Unfreedom (Jun-18, MD)
STEVENSON, BryanJust Mercy (NF; MD)
THOMPSON, LauraRex v. Edith Thompson – A Tale of Two Murders (Apr-18, KL)
TINNISWOOD, PeterThe Long Weekend (NF11; H)
TROLLOPE, FrancesDomestic Manners of the Americans (RP2; H)
TUCHMAN, BarbaraThe Guns of August (NF2; TJ)
UGLOW; JennyIn These Times: Living in Britain Through Napoleon’s Wars (NF4; JE)
VAILL, Amanda Hotel Florida: Truth, Love and Death in the Spanish Civil War (NF2; H)
WADDELL, DanField of Shadows (NF2; TJ)
WILKINSON, PhilipIrreplaceable: A History of England in 100 Places (Oct-18, H)
WILLIAMS, ThomasViking Britain: A History (Oct-18, LD)
WOLF, HubertThe Nuns of Sant’Ambrogio (NF5; H)
ZIEGLER, Philip1919 Between the Wars – 1939 (Dec-17, TJ)
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Home & Garden

CAMPBELL, GordonThe Hermit in the Garden (NF3; BS)
EVANS, PaulHerbaceous (NF2; BS)
FEARON, EthelindThe Reluctant Hostess (RP5; S)
FLANDERS, JudithThe Making of Home (NF3; H)
HIGHMORE, BenThe Great Indoors (NF4; S)
HOPTON, Ralph & BALLIOL, Anne Bed Manners (RP3; S)
INGRAM, DavidThe Gardens at Brantwood: Evolution of John Ruskin’s Lakeland Paradise (NF3; BS)
SACKVILLE-WEST, Vita & RAVEN, SarahVita Sackville-West’s Sissinghurst (NF1, RF)
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Mind & Body, Psychology, Medicine, Self-Help

BENJAMIN, MarinaThe Middlepause: on turning fifty (NF11; V)
BYRON, TanyaThe Skeleton Cupboard (NF2; V)
CLARE, Horatio – The Light in the Dark: A Winter Journal (Nov-18; PR)
CRISP, Richard The Social Brain: How Diversity made the modern mind (NF8; AGo)
DOUGHTY, Caitlin
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (NF6; EF)
From Here to Eternity: Travelling the World to Find the Good Death (Feb-18, RF)

EMENS, Elizabeth – The Art of Life Admin (Apr-19, LD)

ENFIELD, Lynn – Vagina – a re-education (Apr-19, HA)
FERNIHOUGH, CharlesThe Voices Within (NF11; AGo)
FLETCHER, Carrie HopeAll I Know Now – (NF5; A)
GEORGE, RoseNine Pints: A Journey through the Mysterious World of Blood (Nov-18, RF)
GREENFIELD, SusanMind Change (NF3; SH)
GROSZ, StephenThe Examined Life (NF1; V)
HAIG, MattReasons to Stay Alive (NF5; V)
JOHNSON, StephenHow Shostakovich Changed my Mind (Apr-18, KL)
KAY, AdamThis is Going to Hurt (Oct-17, A)
LAING, OliviaThe Trip to Echo Spring (NF2; MD)

MANNIX, Kathryn – With the End in Mind (Feb-19, A)
MARSH, Henry
Do No Harm (NF3; A)
Admissions (Sep-17; RF)
MONTROSS, ChristineFalling Into the Fire (NF1; V)
MORLAND, PollyMetamorphosis – How and Why we Change (NF11; V)
NEWLYN, LucyDiary of a Bipolar Explorer (Apr-18, JM)

NOTT, David – War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line (Mar-19, RF)
PERRY, GraysonThe Descent of Man (NF13; LD)
POLLAN, MichaelHow to Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics (Aug-18, PR)
PRINSTEIN, MitchPopular (June-17; LD)
SACKS, Oliver
The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (RP5; S)
SHOESMITH, SharonLearning from Baby P (NF12; AGo)
SILBERMAN, SteveNeurotribes (NF8; LD)
SOLOMON, AndrewFar From the Tree (NF1; JB)
YALOM, Irvin D.Creatures of a Day and Other Tales of Psychotherapy (NF5; V)

Spotlight on the Wellcome Book Prize – (Apr-19, RF)
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Myths & Legends, Fairy Tales, Folklore

DELL, ChristopherMythology – An Illustrated Journey into our Imagined Worlds (NF7; A)
KEANE, MelanieScience in Wonderland: The Scientific Fairy Tales of Victorian Britain (NF5; HP)
KINGSHILL; Sophia Mermaids (NF6; H)
NEWTON, MichaelVictorian Fairy Tales (NF5; HP)
WARNER, MarinaOnce Upon a Time (NF3; HP)
ZIPES, Jack (ed) – The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales (NF7; HP)

Misc – Fairy Tales (BB13; HP)
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Nature, Environment & the Living World

ATKINS, WilliamThe Moor (NF6; CHa)
AVERY, MarkA Message from Martha (NF2; TJ)
BAKER, NickReWild (July-17; LD)
BOYLE, MarkThe Way Home: Tales from a Life Without Technology (May-19, RF)

BRINGHURST, Robert & ZWICKY, JanLearning to Die: Wisdom in the Age of Climate Crisis (Feb-19, PR)

COCKER, MarkOur Place: Can We Save Britain’s Wildlife Before it is too Late (May-18, PR)
DARLINGTON, MiriamOwl Sense (Feb-18, PR)

FLANNERY, TimEurope: A Natural History (Feb-19, PR)
HARRISON, MelissaRain; Four walks in English Weather (4/17, RS)
HEMERY, Gabriel & SIMBLET, SarahThe New Sylva (NF2; HA)
JONES, LucyFoxes Unearthed (4/17; HA)
LIPTROT, Amy The Outrun (NF9; RF)

LOPEZ, BarryHorizon (May-19, PR)
MACDONALD, HelenH is for Hawk (NF3; HA)
MACFARLANE, Robert & MORRIS JackieThe Lost Words (Nov-17, PR)
MYERS, BenjaminUnder the Rock: The Poetry of a Place (Nov-18, RF)
MYNOTT, JeremyBirds in the Ancient World (Jun-19, LD)
NICOLSON, AdamThe Seabird’s Cry (Nov-17, PR)
Spirals in Time: The Secret Life and Curious Afterlife of Seashells (NF6; A)
Eye of the Shoal (Nov-18, A)
SEDGWICK, MarcusSnow (NF12; A)
SOMERVILLE, ChristopherThe January Man (NF 2/17; JW)

WALLACE-WELLS, DavidThe Uninhabitable Earth (Mar-19, PR)
YONG, EdI Contain Multitudes (NF12; TJ)
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Philosophy & Religion

KLEIN, DanielTravels with Epicurus (NF2; V)
ROBINSON, Chase FIslamic Civilization in Thirty Lives: The First 1000 Years (May-18, LD)
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Science & Technology

ALTER, AdamIrresistible – Why We Can’t Stop Checking (NF 4/17′ LD)
DARTNELL, LewisThe Knowledge: How to rebuild our world from scratch (NF5; A)
GRIBBIN, JohnComputing With Quantum Cats (NF2; PH)
HIGGS, JohnStranger than we can imagine: Making sense of the 20th C (NF7; PH)
LANIER, JaronDawn of the New Everything: A Journey Through Virtual Reality (Feb-18, LD)
LIGHTMAN, Alan The Accidental Universe (NF2; A)
MILLER, Arthur I. Colliding Worlds (NF3; PH)
Stuff Matters (NF1; A)
Liquid (Sep-18, A)
O’CONNELL, MarkTo Be a Machine (Apr-18, A)
PADUA, SydneyThe Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (NF6; PH)
RANDALL, LisaDark Matter and the Dinosaurs (NF9; PH)
Various authorsThe Ladybird Expert Books Vols 1-3 Climate Change, Quantum Mechanics, Evolution (NF 3/17; A)
VILLANI, CedricBirth of a Theorem (NF5; A)
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Travel & Places

ATKINS, WilliamThe Immeasurable World: Journeys in Desert Plaes (Sep-18, RF)
BRYSON, BillThe Road to Little Dribbling (NF7; H)
CLARE, HoratioIcebreaker (Dec-17, LD)
COURTAULD, SimonFootprints in Spain (NF13; LD)
ELKIN, LaurenFlâneuse: Women Walk the City in Paris, New York, Venice, Tokyo and London (NF12; HP)
GRANSARD, Marie-JoseVenice: A Literary Guide for Travellers (NF9; H)
HASWELL-SMITH, HamishAn Island Odyssey (NF2; LS)
HESSEL, FranzWalking in Berlin (RP 4/17; Tr; RS)
NAIRN, IanNairn’s London (RP4; KL)
RUFIN, Jean-ChristopheThe Santiago Pilgrimage (June-17; TJ)
TALLACK, Malachy60 Degrees North (NF6; HA)
WOOD, LevisonEastern Horizons: Hitchhiking the Silk Road (Jan-18, LD)
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Shiny Extras, Miscellaneous

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