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Authors A

AARONOVITCH, BenFoxglove Summer (F4; C&T; H)
ABDEL AZIZ, BasmaThe Queue (F10;Tr; DH)
ACIOLI, SocorroThe Head of the Saint (F3; YA; A)
ADAMS, DouglasThe Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (RP, Oct-17; A)
Adébáyò, Ayòbámi – Stay with Me (F 3/17; AF)
ADICHIE, Chimamanda NgoziPurple Hibiscus (RP12; S)
Cold Hand in Mine (RP2; A)
Dark Entries (RP2; A)
AIKEN, JoanTHe Serial Garden (RP7; Ch; SS; LWH)
ALBERTALLI, BeckySimon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (F6; YA; JoB)
ALEXANDER, KeirThe Ruby Slippers (F1; H) Author Q&A (BB1)
ALI, SabahattinMadonna in a Fur Coat (RP10; Tr; S)
ALLENDE, Isabel The Japanese Lover (F7; AF)
The Light of Day (RP9; C&T; A)
Passage of Arms (RP10; C&T; H)
AMSTERDAM, StevenThe Easy Way Out (Sept-17; SO)
ARDEN; KatherineThe Bear and the Nightingale (F 5/17; A)
ARIMAH, Lesley NnekaWhat it Means When a Man Falls From the Sky (Aug-17, RF)
ARNOTT; JakeThe Fatal Tree (F 3/17; Hist; A)
ASHDOWN, IsabelFlight (F6; V)
ASHLEY, Mike (Ed)
Moonrise (Apr-18, RP, SF, KL)
Lost Mars (Apr-18, RP, SF, KL)
ASHWORTH, JennFell (F10; S)
ATKINS, FionaThe Night Visitor (F 5/17; C&T; GD)
ATKINSON, KateA God in Ruins (F6; H)
ATTENBERG, JamiSaint Mazie (F6; V)
ATWOOD, Margaret
The Handmaid’s Tale (RP May-17; AH)
The Heart Goes Last (F7; SIH)
Stone Mattress (F3; SS; V)
Teenage Writings (RP July-17; KL)
The Watsons – Two Endings (RP July-17; ESL)
Sense & Sensibility (RP Sept-17; JBa)
AUSTEN-LEIGH, LoisThe Incredible Crime (RP July-17; HA)
AUSTER, Paul4 3 2 1 (F 2/17; H)
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Authors B

BABNIK, GabrielaDry Season (F8; Tr; CMcG)
BAGLEY, DesmondRunning Blind (RP May-17; C&T; A)
BAILAT-JONES, MichelleFog Island Mountains (F4; RH) Author article (BB4)
BAILEY, MartineAn Appetite for Violets (F2; DS)
BAKER, JoLongbourn (F1; H)
BAKER, TimFever City (F9; A)
BALESTRINI, NanniTristano: A Novel (RP1; Tr; HP)
BANDIThe Accusation (F May-17; Tr; SS; AHw)
BANKS, IainThe Quarry (F1; A)
BANNALEC, Jean-LucDeath in Pont-Aven (F2; C&T; Tr; H)
BANNAN, SarahWeightless (F5; V) Shiny New Author (BB5)
BARBASH, TomStay Up With Me (F3; SS; AF) Author Q&A (BB3)
BARNES, AdrianNod (F9; SF&F; DHa)
BARNES, JulianThe Noise of Time (F9; MS)
BARRETT; ShirleyRush Oh! (F9; VH)
BARROW, JudithA Hundred Tiny Threads (Nov-17, JBa)
BARRY, Sebastian
The Temporary Gentleman (F1; H) Author Q&A (BB1; H)
Days Without End (F13; H)
BARTELMAY, RyanOnward Toward What We’re Going Toward (F5; V)
BARTLETT, Neil The Disappearance Boy (F3; A)
BAUM, VickyGrand Hotel (RP12; Tr; KL)
BEALE, SusanThe Good Guy (F11; V), Shiny New Author interview <BB11)
BEAUMAN, NedGlow (F2; S) Author Q&A (BB2)
BEN JELLOUN, Tahar – About my Mother (F12; AF)
Anna of the Five Towns (RP 4/17; JB)
Clayhanger (RP 5/17; JB)
Mapp & Lucia (RP3; KL)
Ghost Stories (RP13; JB)
BENSON, StellaThis is the End (RP3; S)
BERKELEY, AnthonyThe Poisoned Chocolates Case (RP13; C&T; H)
BERRIMAN, AmandaHome (Mar-18; LU); Interview (Apr-18; LU)
BETHELL, ZillahGirl in Profile (F10, V)
BIBLE, MichaelSophia (F8; A)
BIGGERS, Earl DerrLove Insurance (RP3; S)
BILLER, MaximInside the Head of Bruno Schulz (F6; Tr; KL)
BIVALD, Katarina The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend (F6; Tr; DS) Author article (BB6)
BLACK, Benjamin (John Banville) – The Black-Eyed Blonde (F5; C&T; H)
BLACK, HollyThe Darkest Part of the Forest (F5; YA; JoB)
Lucky Us (F3; V)
White Houses (May-18, SO)
BOAST, WillDaphne (Mar-18, A)
BOJANOWSKI, MarkJourneyman (F10, SO)
BOLLEN, ChristopherOrient (F6; C&T; AF)
BOLT, RanjitA Lion was Learning to Ski (F7; Po; A)
BONFIGIOLI, KyrilDon’t Point That Thing at Me (RP2; A)
BOSCO, Maria AngelicaDeath Going Down (RP 2/17; Tr; GD)
BOTTINI, OliverZen and the Art of Murder (Jan-18, TJ)
BOULLE, Pierre Desperate Games (RP3; SF&F; Tr; A)
BOUMAN, TomDry Bones in the Valley (F5; C&T; GD)
BOURDOUXHE, MadeleineMarie (RP10; Tr; RF)
BOWEN, BrendaEnchanted August (F6; V)
BOYD, William
Solo (F2; C&T; RC)
Sweet Caress (F7; H)
BOYTCHEV, OggyThe Unbeliever (Apr-18, A)
BRANDON, John G.A Scream in Soho (RP3; C&T; H)
BRIDGE, AnnPeking Picnic (RP6; CH)
BRINTON, SybilOld Friends & New Fancies (RP3; H)
BROOK, RhidianThe Aftermath (F2; A)
BRUTON, CatherineI Predict a Riot (F2; YA; RhJ)
BUCHAN, JohnThe Runagates Club (Dec-17, Reprints, JBa)
BUDE, John
The Cornish Coast Murder (RP1; H)
Death on the Riviera (RP8; C&T; S)
The Lake District Murder (RP1; H)
BULGAKOV, MikhailNotes on a Cuff (RP4; Tr; KL)
BULLOUGH, TomAddlands (F 5/17; DH)
BURKE, Alafair
All Day and a Night (F3; C&T; AL)
The Ex (F9; C&T; AL)
BURNETT, Frances Hodgson
A Lady of Quality (RP3; ESL)
The Lost Prince (RP3; Ch; ESL)
BURTON, JessieThe Miniaturist (F3; SO)
BURTON, MilesDeath in the Tunnel (RP10; KG)
BUTLER, NickolasShotgun Lovesong (F5; SO)
BYRNE, BenFire Flowers (F5; A)
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Authors C

CACERES, Aurora A Dead Rose trans:Laura Kanost (May-18, RP, KL)
CADWALLADER, RobynThe Anchoress (F5; EF)
CAMILLERI, Andrea Angelica’s Smile (F2; C&T; Tr; ESL)
CANNON, Joanna
The Trouble with Goats and Sheep (F9; SS)
Three Things About Elsie (Feb-18, A)
CAPUS, AlexA Price to Pay (F4; Tr; A)
CAREY, Peter
Amnesia (F3; V)
A Long Way from Home (May-18, H)
CARLOTTO, MassimoFor All the Gold in the World (F10; Tr; C&T; TJ)
CARTER, M.J.The Infidel Stain (F6;
CASH, WileyThe Last Ballad (Feb-18, H)
CATTON, EleanorThe Luminaries (F1; VB)
CHAMBERS, BeckyA Closed and Common Orbit (F13; SF&F; A)
CHAN, Ho-KeiThe Borrowed (F12; Tr; C&T; GD)
CHANTER, CatherineThe Well (F5; EF)
CHASE, JoanDuring the Reign of the Queen of Persia (RP2; DS)
CHAUDHURI, AmitFriend of my youth (Nov-17, RS)
In the Twilight (RP4; Tr; SS; KL)
The Prank – The Best of Young Chekhov (RP7; Tr; SS; KL)
CHEVALIER, TraceyAt the Edge of the Orchard (F9; H)
CHIARA, Piero The Disappearance of Signora Guilia (RP7; C&T; Tr; V)
CHRISTOPHER, AdamMade to Kill (F7; C&T; SF&F; DHa)
CHRISTOFI, AlexGlass (F5; PF)
CHURCH, Elizabeth J.
The Atomic Weight of Love (F13; A)
All the Beautiful Girls (Apr-18, RF)
CLANCHY, KateMeeting the English (F2; A)
CLARE, TimThe Honours (F6; EF)
CLARKE, Arthur CChildhood’s End (RP, Oct-17; A)
CLARKE, SusannaJonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (RP5; JC)
CLINE, EmmaThe Girls (F10; A)
COCOZZA, PaulaHow to be Human (F 4/17; AF)
COE, AmandaGetting Colder (F4; JW)
COE, Jonathan
Expo 58 (F2; A)
Number 11 (F7; A)
COLLIER, JohnHis Monkey Wife (RP8; S)
COLLINS, WilkieJezebel’s Daughter (RP8; KL)
CONNOLLY, JohnHe (Jun-18, A)
CONSTANTINE, Helen (Ed)Paris Street Tales (RP12; H)
COOPER, JillyRiders (RP5; A)
The Severed Streets (F2; C&T; AL)
Witches of Lychford (F7; C&T; DHa)
CRACE, JimHarvest (F1; KHD)
CRAIG, AmandaThe Lie of the Land (F May-17; A) Author Q&A (BB May-17; A)
CRIME CLUB, Members ofThe Sinking Admiral (F10; C&T; ESL)
CROFT, Freeman Wills The Hog’s Back Mystery (RP5; C&T; S)
Caroline (Rp7; ESL)
Narcissa (RP7; ESL)
CRUMLEY, JamesThe Wrong Case (RP13; C&T; BRD)
CRUMMEY, MichealSweetland (F5; V)
CUNEO, AnneTregian’s Ground (F5; Tr; JM)
CUNNINGHAM, MichaelThe Snow Queen (F2; CB)
CURRAN, Kevin – Citizens (F9; LM)
CUSK, RachelOutline (F6; SIH)
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Authors D

The American (F8; C&T; Tr; LBo)
The Extremist (Mar-18, C&T, MS)
DALEY, DebraThe Revelations of Carey Ravine (F10; HS)
DANIELEWSKI, Mark Z.The Fifty Year Sword (F2; MD)
DANTICAT, EdwidgeClaire of the Sea Light (F4; CH)
DAOUD, KamelThe Mersault Investigation (F7; Tr; V)
Kolymsky Heights (RP5; C&T; H)
The Rose of Tibet (RP9; C&T; H)
The Night of Wencelas (RP10; C&T; H)
DAVIES, Deborah KayReasons She Goes to the Woods (F2; A)
The Tell-Tale Heart (F1; A) Author Interview (BB1; V)
The Crime Writer (F10; GD)
DAY, ElizabethParadise City (F6; V)
DE BODARD, AlietteThe House of Shattered Wings (F7; SF&F; A)
DEFOE, DanielRobinson Crusoe (RP8; H)
DE GIOVANNI, MaurizioThe Day of the Dead (F2; C&T; Tr; RC)
DE KAT, OttoThe Longest Night (F 4/17; GD)
DE KERANGAL, MaylisMend the Living (F9; Tr; A)
DELANEY, J.P.The Girl Before (F 2/17; C&T; H)
DENNIS-BENN, NicoleHere Comes the Sun (F 4/17; T; RF)
DENTON, DannyThe Earlie King and the Kid in Yellow (Mar-18, BRD)
DESPENTES, VirginieVernon Subutex Two (July-18, T; BRD)
DEVEREUX, KimRembrandt’s Mirror (F7; V)
My Name is Leon (F 4/17; AF) and Author Article (BB 4/17)
The Trick to Time (May-18, AF)
DE WITT, PatrickUnder Major Domo Minor (F7; SO)
DICK, R.A.The Ghost and Mrs Muir (RP3; S)
DJAVADI, Negar – Disoriental trans Tina Kover (Jul-18, MS)
DOERR, AnthonyAll the Light We Cannot See (F6; H)
After You Die (F9; GD)
Tell No Lies (F4; C&T; V)
DONES, ElviraSworn Virgin (F2; Tr; SO)
The Adolescent (RP10; Tr; KL)
The Russian Soul – Selections from A Writer’s Diary (Feb-18, KL); Interview with Rosamund Barlett who introduces the book. (Feb-18, KL)
Black Water (F10; V)
Apple Tree Yard (RP 2/17; C&T, V)
DOYLE, Arthur Conan
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (RP13; KL)
The Lost World (RP; Oct-17; A)
DRNDIC, DasaBelladonna (F 5/17; Tr; BRD)
DRURY, TomThe End of Vandalism (RP7; A)
DUBLE, Kathleen BennerMadame Tussaud’s Apprentice (F7; YA; J) Author Q&A (BB7)
DU MAURIER, DaphneMy cousin Rachel (RP 5/17; RF)
DUNANT, SarahIn the Name of the Family (F 3/17; Hist; A)
DUNCKER, PatriciaSophie and the Sibyl (F5; HP)
DUNDAS, EverGoblin (F 5/17; IB)
Exposure (F9; H)
The Lie (F2; SO)
Birdcage Walk (F 4/17; H)
DUNN, KatherineGeek Love (RP5; CB)
DUNS, JeremySpy out the Land (F8; C&T; RS)
DURRELL, GeraldMy Family and Other Animals (RP4; Ch; S)
DURRENMATT, FriedrichThe Pledge (RP 2/17; Tr; EF)
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Authors E

ECBACK, CeciliaIn the Month of the Midnight Sun (F10; H)
Moving (F7; LM)
Listening In (Aug-17; LM)
ECO, UmbertoNumero Zero (F8; Tr; PF)
Capital Crimes (ed) (RP5; SS; H)
Crimson Snow (ed) (RP13; C&T; H)
Miraculous Mysteries (ed) (RP 5/17; C&T; H)
Murder at the Manor – Country House Mysteries (ed) (RP9; KG)
Resorting to Murder: Holiday Mysteries (ed) (RP6; C&T; SS; H)
Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries (RP7; C&T; SS; H)
Blood on the Tracks: Railway Mysteries (May-18, RP, KL)
EKBACK, CeciliaWolf Winter (F5; C&T; H) Shiny new author (BB5)
EL AKKAD OmarAmerican War (Dec-17, MD)
ELIZAROV, MikhailThe Librarian (F5; Tr; KL)
ELLIS, HelenAmerican Housewife (F8; SS; LBo)
EMERSON, SallySeparation (Aug-17; H)
EPHRON, DeliaSiracusa (F May-17; MS)
ESCOBAR, MelbaHouse of Beauty trans: Elizabeth Bryer (May-18, BRD)
EVANS, Lissa
Crooked Heart (F3; EKA)
Old Baggage (Jun-18, JB)
EXTENCE, GavinThe Empathy Problem (F12; A)
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Authors F

FARJEON, J. Jefferson
Mystery in White (RP3; C&T; H)
Thirteen Guests (RP7; C&T; H)
The Z Murders (RP7; C&T; H)
FAULKS, SebastianJeeves and the Wedding Bells (F3; AHo)
FELDMAN, Ellen The Unwitting (F2; V)
FERGUSON, RachelEvenfield (RP13; S)
FERGUSSON, BenThe Spring of Kasper Meier (F3; C&T; LR) Author article (BB2)
FERRANTE, Elena The Neapolitan Novels (F3; Tr; LS)
FIELDING, Karen American Sycamore (F1; A)
FINN, A.J.The Woman in the Window (Jan-18, BRD)
FIORATO, Marina Beatrice and Benedick (F2; A)
FISHER, C.J.When We Were Alive (F9; S)
FISHER, M.F.K.The Theoretical Foot (RP10; V)
FITZGERALD, HelenThe Exit (F5; C&T; H)
FONTANE, TheodorEffi Briest (RP5; Tr; H)
FORBES, ElenaJigsaw Man (F4; C&T; KHM)
FORBES, MichelleEdith and Oliver (Feb-18, A)
FORMAN, GayleI Was Here (F4; YA; A)
FORNA, AminattaHappiness (May-18, LU)
FORSTER, Margaret The Unknown Bridesmaid (F1; V)
FOURNEL, PaulDear Reader (F4; Tr; KL)
FOWLER, Karen Joy We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves (F2; S)
FOWLEY-DOYLE, MoiraThe Accident Season (F6; YA; JoB)
FRANKLIN, ArianaThe Winter Siege (with Samantha Norman) (F3; H) Interview with Samantha Norman (BB3)
FRASER-SAMPSON, GuyDeath in Profile (F10, C&T, S)
FREMANTLE, Elizabeth
Queen’s Gambit (F1; V) Author article (BB1)
Appointment with Yesterday (RP1; H)
The Hours Before Dawn (RP July-17; H)
No Crying (RP1; H)
Thursday’s Children (F2; C&T; H)
Friday on My Mind (F7; C&T; H)
FREUD, EstherMr Mac and Me (F3; HS)
FREW, PeggyHope Farm (F10, A)
FULLER, Claire
Our Endless Numbered Days (F5; A) Author article (BB5)
Swimming Lessons (F 4/17; A)
FURNISS, ClareThe Year of the Rat (F4; YA; A)
FURST, Alan – A Hero in France (F11; A)
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Authors G

GAFFNEY, DavidAll the Places I’ve Ever Lived (F 4/17; BRD)
GAFFNEY, Frankie Dublin 7 (F8; LM)
GAIMAN, Neil The Ocean at the End of the Lane (F2; YA; JoR)
GALBRAITH, Robert (aka J K Rowling)
Career of Evil (F7; C&T; H)
The Silkworm (Cormoran Strike #2) (F2; C&T; H)
GALE, PatrickA Place Called Winter (F5; SO)
Jellyfish (F6; SS; DH)
The Trick is to Keep Breathing (RP7; JBa)
GALLOWAY, StevenThe Confabulist (F3; A)
GAMBOA, SantiagoReturn to the Dark Valley (Oct-17; BRD)
GAPPAH, PetinaThe Book of Memory (F7; TJ)
GARDAM, JaneThe Hollow Land (RP4; SS; Ch; LWH)
GARDNER, SallyThe Door that Led to Where (F5; YA; A)
GARNIER, PascalThe Islanders (F3; Tr; A) Translator article (BB3)
GAVALDA, AnnaBillie (F5; Tr; H)
GAVRON, JeremyFelix Culpa (Feb-18, RS)
The Buddha’s Return (RP3; Tr; KL)
The Flight (RP9; Tr; KL)
GEE, Maggie Virginia Woolf in Manhattan (F2; S) Author Q&A (BB2)
GEORGET, Philippe Autumn: All the Cats Return (F3; Cr; Tr; TJ)
GERAS, Adele
Cover Your Eyes (F4; H) Profile – A Life in Books (BB4)
Love or nearest offer (F10; V), Author article (BB10)
GIBBONS, StellaPure Juliet (RP8; HA)
GIBSON, Jasper A Bright Moon for Fools (F2; C&T; A)
GIESBERT, Franz-OlivierHimmler’s Cook (F10; Tr; SO)
GILBERT, Elizabeth The Signature of All Things (F2; H)
GIORDANO, MarioAuntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions (F 4/17; C&T; A)
New Grub Street (RP13; HA)
The Whirlpool (RP5; HA)
GLAISTER, LesleyThe Squeeze (Sep-17; AHw)
GLASER, Rachel B.Paulina and Fran (F12; SO)
GLASS, EmmaPeach (Feb-18, LU)
GLATTAUER, Daniel Forever Yours (F3; Tr; V)
An Episode of Sparrows (RP1; H)
The Dark Horse (RP1; H)
The River (RP5; KG)
GOGOL, NikolaiThe Night Before Christmas (RP3; Tr; KL)
GOLDSWORTHY, VesnaGorsky (F6; PF)
GONCHAROV, Ivan The Same Old Story (RP8; Tr; KL)
GOODMAN, David A.The Autobiography of James T. Kirk (F7; SF&F; A)
GOODWIN, AnneSugar and Snails (F6; V) Author article (BB6)
GOODWIN, DaisyThe Fortune Hunter (F3; ESL)
GOODWIN, Jason The Baklava Club (F2; C&T; HP)
GORDON, KatThe Artificial Anatomy of Parks (F6; V)
GOSS, TheodoraThe Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter (Sept-17; HP)
GOUDGE, ElizabethThe Runaways (RP1; Ch; RF) Article (BB1)
GOULD, EmilyFriendship (F7; V)
GOWAR, Imogen HermesThe Mermaid and Mrs Hancock (Feb-18, MD)
GRAHAM, LaurieThe Grand Duchess of Nowhere (F3; V) Author interview (BB3)
GRAHAM, WinstonRoss Poldark (RP5; A)
GRANT, LindaUpstairs at the Party (F3; EKA)
GRANVILLE, ElizaGretel and the Dark (F5; HA)
GREEN, SallyHalf Wild (F5; YA; A)
GREENBURG, Bradley When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloomed (F2; V)
GREENE, Thomas Christopher – The Headmaster’s Wife (F2; C&T; V)
GREY, IsabelleGood Girls Don’t Die (F4; C&T; BT)
GREY, MelissaThe Girl at Midnight (F6; YA; JoB)
GRIFFITH, Nicola Hild (F3; HE) Author article (BB2)
The Ghost Fields (F5; C&T; H)
The Outcast Dead (F1; C&T; H)
The Woman in Blue (f9; C&T; AL)
GRISHAM, JohnGray Mountain (F4; C&T; H)
GUNN, KirstyCaroline’s Bikini (Jun-18, H)
GUSKIN, SHaronThe Forgetting Time (F9; H) Author Q&A (BB9)
GUTCHEON, Beth Gossip (F2; A)
GUTERSON, DavidProblems with People (F3; SS; V)
GYASI, YaaHomegoing (Oct-17; LU)
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Authors H

HALL, CatherineThe Repercussions (F3; EKA)
HALL, SarahThe Wolf Border (F5; V)
HALLIDAY, LisaAssymetry (May-18, H)
HAMEDA, Kamal BenUnder the Tripoli Sky (RP3; JoB)
HANCOCK, SheilaMiss Carter’s War (F4; LM)
HANKS, TomUncommon Type (Nov-17, AF)
HANNAH, Sophie
A Game for All the Family (F7; C&T; H)
The Narrow Bed (F9; C&T; H)
The Telling Error (F1; C&T; H)
HARDINGE, FrancesThe Lie Tree (F6; YA; AGr)
Gnomon (Nov-17, DH)
Tigerman (F2;A)
HARKNESS, DeborahThe Book of Life (F3; H)
HARPER, JaneForce of Nature (Feb-18, GD)
HARRIS, JaneSugar Money and Q & A (Oct-17; H)
HARRIS, Joanne (M) – The Gospel of Loki (F1; SF&F; A)
HARRIS, Robert An Officer and a Spy (F1; C&T; RC)
HARTLEY, L.P. Facial Justice (RP3; H)
HARVEY, Samantha Dear Thief (F3; V)
HASTINGS, Milo M.City of Endless Night (RP2; S)
HAY, Mavis Doriel
Death on the Cherwell (RP2; C&T; H)
Murder Underground (RP2; C&T; H)
HAWLEY, NoahBefore the Fall (F10; GD)
HAYNES, Annie The Crystal Beads Murder (RP7; C&T; LB)
HAYNES, Natalie – The Children of Jocasta (Aug-17; A)
Elizabeth is Missing (F2; SS)
Whistle in the Dark (May-18, H)
HAYNES, ElizabethBehind Closed Doors (F9; GD)
HENDERSON, EThe Valentine House (F 4/17, A); Q & A (BB 4/17)
HENDERSON, J. PaulThe Last of the Bowmans (F8; A) Author article(BB8)
HENRY, VeronicaHow to Find Love in a Bookshop (F10; ESL)
HENSHER, PhilipThe Emperor Waltz (F3; DK)
Slow Horses (RP12; C&T; A)
Real Tigers (F13; C&T; A)
HERVEY, JaneVain Shadow (RP6; AB)
HESSE, HermannDemian (Nov-17, Reprints, KL)
HESSEL, FranzWalking in Berlin (RP 4/17; Tr; RS)
HICKEY, Christine DwyerThe Lives of Women (F8; SO)
HIGASHINO, KeigoJourney Under the Midnight Sub (F7; C&T; Tr; GD)
Little Tales of Misogyny (RP5; GD)
Those Who Walk Away (RP4; C&T; H)
HILL, NathanThe Nix (F 4/17; LU)
HILL, Susan
Black Sheep (F4; S)
The Soul of Discretion (F3; C&T; H)
HIMES, Julie LekstromMikhail and Margarita (F 4/17; KL)
HISLOP, VictoriaThe Sunrise (F3; MF)
HOCKING, MaryThe Fairley Family Trilogy (RP9; AH)
HODGSON, Antonia The Devil in the Marshalsea (F3; AL)
HOFFMAN, Alice The Museum of Extraordinary Things (F1; A) Author Q&A (BB1; A)
HOLM, ChrisThe Killing Kind (F7; C&T; DHa)
HOOPER, EmmaEtta and Otto and Russell and James (F5; A)
HOPE, Anna
The Ballroom (F9; JW)
Wake (F4; AHo)
HORNBY, NickFunny Girl (F4; A)
HOROWITZ, AnthonyMagpie Murders (F13; C&T; H)
HOSSEINI, Khaled And the Mountains Echoed (F2; KHD)
HOURSTON, AlexIn My House (F6; C&T; LBo)
HOWARD, AlexLibrary Cat (F12; PH)
HOWORTH, Lisa Flying Shoes (F3; V)
HRBEK, Greg Not on Fire, But Burning (F7; A)
HUBBARD, SueRainsongs (Feb-18, JM)
HULL, RichardThe Murder of My Aunt (May-18, RP, H)
HUMPHREYS, HelenThe Evening Chorus (F6; DS)
HUNT, LairdNeverhome (F5; H)
HUNTER, MeganThe End We Start From Author Q&A (F May-17; LD)
HUTH, AngelaColouring In (F6; AD)
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Authors I J K

ILIAZDRapture (RP; Aug-17; KL)
ISHIGURO, KazuoThe Buried Giant (F5; A)
IVEY, EowynTo the Bright Edge of the World (F10; A)
JACKSON, Shirley
The Bird’s Nest (RP1; S)
Hangsaman (RP1; S)
Let Me Tell You (RP7; SS; S)
Life Among the Savages (RP5; S)
Raising Demons (RP5; S)
The Sundial (RO1; S)
JACOB, MiraThe Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing (F3; V)  Author Q&A (BB3)
J (F3; MD)
Shylock is My Name (F9; RS)
JACQUIERY, AnnaDeath in the Rainy Season (F5; C&T; LBo)
Letters From Klara (RP May-17; SS; TR; KG)
The Listener (RP2; Tr; S)
JASIENSKI, BrunoThe Legs of Izolda Morgan (RP2; SS; KL)
JEAN, Raymond Reader for Hire (RP6; Tr; S)
JERROLD, IantheThe Studio Crime (RP6; C&T; H)
JOHN, D BStar of the North (Jun-18, A)
JOHN, ElnathanBorn on a Tuesday (F10, TJ)
JOHNCOCK, BenjaminThe Last Pilot (F5; A)
The Dead Beat (F1; C&T; H)
The Jump (F7; C&T; H)
JONES, Cynan The Dig (F1; VH)
JONES, Sadie Fallout (F2; V)
JOYCE, Rachel
The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy (F3; AHo)
The Music Shop (Aug-17; A)
KALPAKIAN, LauraThree Strange Angels (F5; Cr; V) Author article (BB5)
The Vegetarian (F4; Tr; DH)
Human Acts (F13; Tr; DH)
KARETNYK, Bryan [Ed]Russian Emigre Short Stories from Bunin to Yanovsky (RP, Sept-17; KL)
KAVAN, AnnaIce (Jan-18, Reprints, KL)
KAWAKAMI, HiromiThe Nakano Thrift Shop (F12; Tr; A)
KAY, FrancescaThe Long Room (F8; C&T; H)
KAY, MaraThe Youngest Lady-in-Waiting (RP5; Ch; ESL)
KELBY, Nicole MaryThe Pink Suit (F5; SO)
KENNEDY, A.L.Paradise (RP7; JBa)
KENNEDY, Margaret
The Forgotten Smile (RP3; S)
Together and Apart (RP3; LB)
KENT, ChristobelThe Crooked House (F6; C&T; V)
KERR, Philip
Hand of God (F7; C&T; LBo)
The Lady from Zagreb (F5; C&T; LBo)
KEYES, MarianThe Woman Who Stole my Life (F4; LM)
KIELY, BenedictThe Captain with the Whiskers (RP12; JB)
KIMANI, PeterDance of the Jakaranda (Mar-18, TJ)
KINGSLEY, CharlesThe Water Babies (RP3; Ch; H)
KINGSNORTH, PaulBeast (F12; DH)
KITAMURA, KatieA Separation (F 4/17; MS)
KNOX, Joseph
Sirens (F 2/17; C&T; A)
The Smiling Man (May-18, A)
KOHLMEIER, MichaelTwo Gentlemen on the Beach (F10; V)
KORELITZ, Jean Hanff 
You should have known (F1; C&T; H)
The Devil and Webster (F 4/17; H)
KRAUSS, NicoleAn Interveiw about Forest Dark (Sept-17; LU)
The Ropewalker Trans: Merike Lepasaar Beecher (Apr-18, GD)
A People Without a Past Trans: Merike Lepasaar Beecher (Apr-18, GD)
KRZHIZHANOVSKY, SigizmundAutobiography of a Corpse (RP1; KL)
KUNDERA, MilanThe Festival of Insignficance (F6; S)
KUNZRU, HariWhite Tears (F May-17; A)
KVOSHCHINSKAYA, SofiaCity Folk and Country Folk (Dec-17, KL)
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Authors L

LAGERCRANTZ, David The Girl in the Spider’s Web (F7; C&T; H)
LAGERLOF, SelmaThe Wonderful Adventure of Nils Holgersson (RP10; Ch; Tr; A)
LAHIRI, Jhumpa The Lowland (F1; RF)
LALAMI, LailaThe Moor’s Account (F7; HS) Author Q&A (BB7)
LANE, HarrietHer (F4; KF)
LANE, Johanna – Black Lake (F2, DS)
LAURAIN, Antoine
French Rhapsody (F12; Tr; A)
The Portrait (F July-17; Tr; A)
LAUTNER, Robert The Road to Reckoning (F1; A)
LAWRENSON, DeborahThe Sea Garden (F3; AD) Author article (BB1)
LEAVITT, DavidThe Two Hotel Francforts (F4; V)
LE CARRE, JohnA Legacy of Spies (Oct-17; BRD)
LEE, HarperGo Set a Watchman (F6; H)
LEE, Min Jin
Free Food for Millionaires (Aug-17; GD)
Pachinko (Aug-17; GD)
LEIGH, MikeAbigail’s Party(RP May-17; Play; A)
LEM, Stanislaw Mortal Engines (RP 2/17; Tr; SF&F; KL)
The Great Swindle (F8; Tr; A)
Blood Wedding (F10; Tr; A)
LERNER, Ben10:04 (F6; SO)
LEROY, MargaretThe English Girl (F3; DS)
LESLIE, V.H.Bodies of Water (F12; A)
LEVENE, Louise The Following Girls (F1; SO)
LEVY, DeborahHot Milk (F July-17; A)
LEVY, Tatiana SalemThe House in Smyrna (F6; Tr; TM)
LEY, Rosanna Return to Mandalay (F2; ESL)
LIMBURG, JoanneA Want of Kindness (F7; V) Author Q&A (BB7)
Mio, My Son (RP6; Ch; LWH)
Seacrow Island (RP6; Ch; LWH)
After I’m Gone (F1; C&T; AL)
Hush Hush (F9; C&T; GD)
Sunburn (Mar-18; C&T, H)
LISH, AtticusPreparations for the Next Life (F6; MD)
LOCKE, Attica
Pleasantville (F6; C&T; GD)
Bluebird, Bluebird (Oct-17; GD)
LOCKHART, E. We Were Liars (F2; YA; JoB)
LODATO, VictorEdgar and Lucy (May-18, AF)
LOGAN, Kirsty The Rental Heart and other Fairytales (F1; SS; DH)
LOUATAH, SabriSavages: The Wedding Trans: Gavin Bowd (Feb-18, A)
LOVECRAFT, H.P.The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (RP 3/17, KL)
LOVRIC, Michelle The True & Splendid History of the Harristown Sisters (F2; HP)
LUPTON, RosamundThe Quality of Silence (F8; C&T; JW)
LYNCH, P.K.Armadillos (F10;AG)
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Authors M

MACKINTOSH, SophieThe Water Cure (Jun-18, LU)
MALLOCK – The Cemetery of Swallows (F2, C&T, Tr, RC)
MALONEY, Iain – First Time Solo (F3; AB)
MALVALDI, MarcoThree-Card Monte (F3; C&T; Tr; TJ)
MANDEL, Emily St.JohnStation Eleven (F3; SF&F; A)
MANGAN, ChristineTangerine (May-18, A)
MANKELL, Henning An Event in Autumn (F; Cr; H)
MANNING, Kate My Notorious Life (F1; JB)
MANTHORPE,Roland & SMITH, KirstinConfidence (F12; V) Author Q&A (BB12)
MARIAS, JavierThus Bad Begins (F9; Tr; H)
MARSHALL-BALL, SaraHush (F6; V) Author article (BB6)
MARTEL, YannThe High Mountains of Portugal (F9; AH)
MARUGG, TipThe Roar of Morning (RP8; Tr; KL)
MASCULL, RebeccaThe Visitors (F3; JD) Author article (BB5)
MAY, Peter
Coffin Road (F7; C&T; LBo)
Entry Island (F3; C&T; H)
Runaway (F4; C&T; H) Author Q&A (BB4)
MAYNE, AndrewAngel Killer (F7; C&T; H)
McBAIN, EdCut Me In (RP8; C&T; A)
McCABE, CameronThe Fae on the Cutting Room Floor (RP12; C&T; H)
McCULLOCH, Tom The Stillman (F2; AB)
McDERMID, Val Northanger Abbey (F1; A)
McDERMOTT, AliceSomeone (F4; V)
McDONAGH, MartineNarcissism for Beginners (F 3/17; A)
McEWAN, Ian The Children Act (F3; A)
McGREGOR, JonReservoir 13 (F May-17; DH)
McGUINNESS, FrankThe Woodcutter and His Family (Oct-17; RS)
McINERNY, JayBright Precious Days (F12; SO)
McKEOWN, BelindaTender (F6; AF)
McNEILL, Janet
As Strangers here (Rp7; S)
The Maiden Dinosaur (RP7; JuB)
The Small Widow (RP4; S)
MAGRIS, ClaudioA Different Sea (RP13; HA)
MEANS, DavidHystopia (F10, AHw)
MELOY, MaileDo Not Become Alarmed (F July-17; C&T; H)
Death of Anton (RP6; C&T; S)
Quick Curtain (RP6; C&T; S)
MENDELSON, Charlotte Almost English (F2; DK)
MEREDITH, AnnePortrait of a Murderer (Nov-17, Reprints, H)
Sylvia (RP6; KL)
The Men’s Club (RP12; S)
MICHAELS, SeanUs Conductors (F8; SO)
MILLAR, Martin The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies (F5; MD)
MILLARD, RosieThe Brazilian (Sept-17; LM)
MILLER, AndrewThe Crossing (F7; JW)
MILLER, Derek B.The Girl in Green (F12; C&T; GD)
MILLS, MagnusThe Field of the Cloth of Gold (F5; A)
MINIER, BernardDon’t Turn Out the Lights (F13; C&T; A)
The Bone Clocks (F3; SG)
Slade House (F10; AH)
MOLONEY, ThomasThe Sacred Combe (F10; V)
MONSO, ImmaA Man of His Word (F4; Tr; JM)
A Tangled Web (RP2; MG)
MOORE, Alison He Wants (F3; AHo)
MORAND, Paul The Man in a Hurry (RP5; Tr; KL)
MORIARTY, LianeLittle Lies (F3; C&T; V)
MOSFEGH, OttessaEileen (F12; NF)
MOSS, Sarah
Bodies of Light (F4; SO)
The Tidal Zone (F10; AF)
MOTION, AndrewThe New World (F3; RJ)
MOYES, Jojo 
After You (F7; LM)
The One Plus One (F1; A)
MOZLEY, FionaElmet (Aug-17; DH)
MUJILLA, Fiston MwanzaTram 83 (F9; Tr; TJ)
MULHAUSER, TravisSweetgirl (F9; A)
MUNRO, AliceLives of Girls and Women (RP5; V)
MURAKAMI, HarukiColorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage (F6; TM)
MURRAY, Rosalind The Happy Tree (RP4; S)
MYTTING, LarsThe Sixteen Trees of the Somme (Aug-17; H)
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Authors N

NADEL, BarbaraPoisoned Ground (F3; C&T; DS) Author Q&A (BB3)
NDIAYE, MarieLadivine (F10, Tr, KG)
NELSON, JandyI’ll Give You the Sun (F5′ YA; JoB)
NEMIROVSKY, IreneThe Fires of Autumn (RP4, Tr, H)
The Railway Children (RP12; Ch; H)
THe Lark (RP 4/17; H)
NESS, Patrick The Crane Wife (F1; A)
NESSER, HakanThe Living and the Dead in Winsford (F7; C&T; GD)
NEWMAN, PeterThe Vagrant (F5; SF&F; DHa)
NG, CelesteEverything I Never Told You (F4; SO)
NICHOLLS, DavidUs (F7; LM)
NIKOLAIDIS, AndrejTill Kingdom Come (F7; Tr; CMcG)
NORRIS, BarneyFive Rivers Met on a Wooded Plain (F10, H)
NORTH, Claire 
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August (F2; H)
84K (Jun-18, DH)
Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm (RP10; C&T; H)
The Methords of Sergeant Cluff (RP12; C&T; H))
NORTON, GrahamHolding (F July-17; LM)
NOVIK, NaomiUprooted (F6; SF&F; SG)
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Authors  O

OATES, Joyce CarolDIS MEM BER (F July-17; SS; KL)
O’BRIEN, EdnaThe Little Red Chairs (F8; KHD)
O’DONNELL, PeterModesty Blaise: Ripper Jax (F9; C&T; A)
O’DONOVAN, GeraldVocations (Jun-18, RP, JB)
O’FARRELL, MaggieThis Must be the Place (F10; H)
OLIVIER, EdithThe Love Child (RP3; S)
OLLOKAINEN, AKiWhite Hunger (F5; Tr; KG)
O’NEILL, Heather The Girl Who Was Saturday Night (F2; V) Author interview (BB2)
O’NEILL, Louise
Asking For It (F7; YA; A)
Almost Love (Mar-18, A)
ONUZO, ChibunduWelcome to Lagos (F 2/17; TJ)
ORANGE, UrsulaTom Tiddler’s Ground (RP 4/17; S)
ORSTAVIK, HanneThe Blue Room (RP2; Tr; HA)
OSBORNE, JohnLook Back in Anger (RP5; A)
OTTEN, William JanThe Portrait (F3; HP)
OWEN, Lauren The Quick (F2; SG)
OYEYEMI, Helen Boy, Snow, Bird (F1; S) Author Q&A (BB1; S)
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Authors P Q

PACKER, NigelThe Restoration of Otto Laird (F4; V)
PALAHNIUK, ChuckAdjustment Day (Jul-18, RS)
PAMUK, OrhanThe Red Haired Woman (Dec-17, RS)
PATCHETT, AnnCommonwealth (F12; V)
PAULL, LalineThe Bees (F5; JoB)
PEARCE, A JDear Mrs Bird (Apr-18, HS)
PECK, WinifredBewildering Cares (RP13; JB)
PENNEY, StefUnder a Pole Star (F13; A), Author Q&A (BB13; A)
PENNY, LouiseThe Long Way Home (F3; C&T; AL)
PERRY, Sarah 
After Me Comes the Flood (F2; V) Author article (BB1)
The Essex Serpent (F10; HP)
PERUTZ, LeoMaster of the Day of Judgement (RP7; C&T; Tr; V)
PHEBY; AlexPlaythings (F8; AGo)
PORTER, Eleanor H.Pollyanna (RP1; Ch; JR)
PORTER, Max Grief is the Thing With Feathers (F7; RF)
POULSON, ChristneDeep Water (F13; GD)
POWERS, Richard
Orfeo (F3; SO)
The Overstory (Jun-18, PR)
PRATT, NonRemix (F6; YA; JoB) Author article (BB6)
PRESTON, Alex In Love and War (F3; V)
PRICE, WayneMercy Seat (F5; AF)
PRIEST, Christopher 
The Adjacent (F1; SF&F; A)
The Gradual (F12; SF&F; DHa)
PRIESTLEY, J BThe Town Major of Miraucourt (Mar-18; RP, JB)
PRYCE, MalcolmThe Case of the Hail Mary Celeste (F5; C&T; V)
PULLEY, Natasha
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street (F6; A)
The Bedlam Stacks (Sept-17; A)
PULLMAN, PhilipThe Book of Dust volume 1: La Belle Sauvage (Nov-17, HP)
PUNTI, Jordi Lost Luggage (F2; Tr; A)
PUSHKIN, AlexanderBelkin’s Stories (RP2; SS; Tr; KL)
QUICK, Matthew The Good Luck of Right Now (F1; H)
Still Life with Bread Crumbs (F1; AD)
Miller’s Valley (F13; AD)
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Authors R

RAHMAN, Zia Haider In the Light of What We Know (F2; V)
RAO, Mahesh The Smoke is Rising (F1; SG)
RASH, RonAbove the Waterfall (F 4/17; SO)
RATTLE, Alison The Madness (F1; YA; A)
REDONDO, DoloresThe Invisible Guardian (F8; C&T; Tr; MS)
Fire From Heaven (RP3; JE)
The Persian Boy (RP3; JE)
RENDELL, RuthDark Corners (F6; C&T; H)
REYNOLDS, AlastairRevenger (F12; SF&F; DHa)
REYNOLDS, RodThe Dark Inside (F7; C&T; GD)
REZA, ParisaThe Gardens of Consolation (F 2/17; Tr; TJ)
RHODES, Kate A Killing of Angels (F3; C&T; JC)
RICE, JamesAlice and the Fly (F5; YA; JoB)
RILEY, GwendolineFirst Love (F 3/17; EF)
RIPLEY, Mike Mr Campion’s Farewell (F2; C&T; H) Author interview (BB2)
ROBERTS, Bethan Mother Island (F2; A) Author Q&A (BB2)
ROBINSON, Marilynne Lila (F3; S)
ROBINSON, Ray Jawbone Lake (F1; DH)
ROCHELLE, MercedesHeir to a Prophecy (F4; HS)
ROFFEY, Monique 
House of Ashes (F3; JM) Author profile (BB3)
The Tryst (Sept-17; H)
ROONEY, SallyConversations with Friends (F June-17; LU) Author Interview (BB June-17; LU)
ROSE, AugustusThe Readymade Thief (Sept-17; H)
ROSE, HeatherThe Museum of Modern Love (F June-17; IB)
Jonathan Unleashed (F9; A)
Picture Me Gone (F1; YA; A)
ROY, ArundhatiThe Ministry of Utmost Happiness (F July-17; LU)
ROY, SandipDon’t Let Him Know (F5; DK)
ROYLE, NicholasAn English Guide to Birdwatching Author Q&A (F May-17; A)
ROYLE, Nicholas (2)Ornithology (Oct-17, A)
RUFIN, Jean-ChristopheCheckpoint (F June-17; Tr; TJ)
RUNCIE, James  
Sidney Chambers & the Forgiveness of Sins (F6; C&T; V)
Sidney Chambers & the Problem of Evil (F2; C&T; V)
RUSHDIE, SalmanTwo Years Eight Months & Twenty-Eight Nights (F7; SF&F; A)
RUSKOVICH, EmilyIdaho (Feb-18, SO)
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Authors S

SACKVILLE-WEST, Vita The Edwardians (RP9; S)
SAINT-EXUPERY, Antoine deNight Flight (RP12; S)
The History of a Town (RP13; KL)
The Golovlevs Trans: I.P. Foote (Apr-18, RP, KL)
SANCHEZ GUEVARA, Canek33 Revolutions (F13; Tr; A)
SANSAL, Boualem Harraga (F4; Tr; AF)
SANSOM, C.J.Lamentation (F4; AD)
Five Children on the Western Front (F5; Ch; H)
The Secrets of Wishtide (F10; C&T; V)
SAVAGE, ThomasThe Power of the Dog (RP9; A)
SCOTT, Sir WalterWaverley (RP6; HA)
SEARLE, NicholasTHe Good Liar (F8; C&T; GD)
SEARLES, John Help for the Haunted (F3; C&T; V)
SEBASTIAN, MihailFor Two Thousand Years (RP9; Tr; SG)
SEDGWICK, MarcusThe Ghosts of Heaven (F4; YA; A)
SEETHALER, RobertThe Tobacconist (F13; Tr; SO)
SEGHERS, AnneThe Seventh Cross trans: Margot Bettauer Dembo (Jun-18, RP, GD)
SENNA, DanzyNew People (Oct-17; AF)
SHAFAK, ElifThree Daughters of Eve (Sept-17; ECA)
SHAMSIE, Kamila A God in Every Stone (F2; RJ)
SHAW, AliThe Trees (F9; A)
SHEERS, Owen I Saw A Man (F6; A)
SHERRIFF, R.C.Greengates (RP7; AB)
SHIPSTEAD, MaggieAstonish Me (F5; V)
The Good Comrade (RP3; JC)
Desire (Mar-18, JB)
SIMENON, Georges
A Crime in Holland (RP2; LS)
Maigret goes to School (RP May-17; C&T; H)
The Grand Banks Cafe (RP2; LS)
The Night at the Crossroads (RP2; LS)
The Pitards (RP Aug-17; A)
SIMS, GeorgeThe End of the Web (Aug-17; H)
SINGH, SunnyHotel Arcadia (F5; A)
SINHA, UmiBelonging (F7; V)
SIRLIN, AviThe Evolutionist (F4; PH)
SLIMANI, LeilaLullaby (Jan-18, H)
SMAILL, AnnaThe Chimes (F6; SF&F; EKA)
Early Warning (F6; V)
Some Luck (F4; RF)
Autumn (Sept-17, CRo)
How to be Both (F3. H)
SMITH, JonathanWilfred and Eileen (RP2; RF) Author article (BB2)
SMITH, ZadieSwing Time (F July-17; LU)
SOSEKI, NatsumeThe Miner (Rp7; Tr; DH)
SPARK, MurielTerritorial Rights (RP1; S)
SPRING, HowardFame is the Spur (Dec-17, Reprints, RFo)
SPUFFORD, FrancisGolden Hill (F10, A)
STAALESEN, GunnarWhere Roses Never Die (F12; C&T; GD)
STEAD, ChristinaLetty Fox, her luck (RP June-17; KL)
STEPHENSON, NealSeveneves (F6; SF&F; DHa)
STEVENSON, D.E.Five Windows (RP9; CH)
STEVENSON, Robert LouisTreasure Island (RP8; Ch; A)
Man at the Helm (F3; A)
Paradise Lodge (F10; A)
STOKER, Bram Dracula (RP8; H)
STOREY, ErikNothing Short of Dying (F12; BRD)
STROUT, Elizabeth
Anything is Possible (F May-17; H)
My Name is Lucy Barton (F 3/17; H)
SUSANN, JacquelineValley of the Dolls (RP10; V)
SUTHERLAND, KrystalOur Chemical Hearts (F12; YA; A)
The Girl with a Clock for a Heart (RP10; H)
The Kind Worth Killing (F5; C&T; H)
SYLVAIN, DominiqueShadows and Sun (Nov-17, TJ)
SZABO, MagdaIza’s Ballad (RP3; Tr; V)
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Authors  T

TAIT, VanessaThe Looking Glass House (F6; EB)
TANEJA, PretiWe That are Young (Nov-17, LU)
TAWADA, YokoMemoirs of a Polar Bear (F 4/17; TJ)
TANWEER, BilalThe Scatter Here is Too Great (F3; SS; DK)
TARTT, Donna The Goldfinch (F2; H)
TAYLOR, ElizabethA Wreath of Roses (RP July-17; GD)
TAYLOR, Sara The Shore (F5; DH)
TEIR, PhilipThe Winter War (F4; V)
THERIAULT, DenisThe Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman (F3; Tr; AHo)
THIEN, MadeleineDo No Say We Have Nothing (F12; KHD)
August Folly (RP2; CH)
The Brandons (RP2; CH)
Summer Half (RP2; CH)
THOMAS, JoeParadise City (F 2/17; A) and article by the author (BB 2/17)
THOMAS, ScarlettThe Seed Collectors (F6; DHa)
THOMSON, RupertKatherine Carlyle (F8; EF)
THORNTON, RosieSandlands (F11; SS; AGe), Author article An Ancient Permanence (BB11)
THURBER, JamesThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty (RP 2/17. KL)
THUY, KimMan (F3; Tr; SO)
THYNNE, JaneA War of Flowers (F5; ESL) Author interview (BB5)
TIRABOSHI, RobertoThe Apothecary’s Shop (DEc-17, TJ)
TOBIN, SophiaThe Widow’s Confession (F4; V) Author Q&A (BB4)
TODD, JanetA Man of Genius (F9; H) Author Q&A (BB9; V & H)
TOIBIN, Colm Brooklyn (RP8; JW) From Book to Film article (BB8; DC)
TOEWS, Miriam All My Puny Sorrows (F2; V)
TOLSTOY, LeoAnna Karenina (trans Rosamund Bartlett) (RP3; Tr; HR) Translator article (BB3)
TORRINGTON, JeffSwing Hammer Swing (RP7; NM)
TOWLES, AmorA Gentleman in Moscow (Nov-17, A)
The American Lover (F4; SS; V)
The Gustav Sonata (F10; H)
TREMAYNE, S.K.The Ice Twins (F7; C&T; A)
TRILLIN, CalvinTepper Isn’t Going Out (RP8; S)
Dr Thorne (RP4; H)
Framley Parsonage (RP4; H)
Dr Thorne (RP9; H)
The Way We Live Now (RP12; H)
TSIOLKAS, Christos Barracuda (F3; KF)
TSUSHIMA, YukoTerritory of Light trans:Geraldine Harcourt (May-18,RP, A)
TUROW, ScottTestimony (Sept-17; BRD)
TURTON, StuartThe Sevn Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle (Mar-18, H)
TURTSCHANINOFF, MariaMaresi – The Red Abbey Chronicles (F9; YA, Tr, EF)
TYLER, Anne A Spool of Blue Thread (F6; SO)
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Authors U V

UHLMAN, FredReunion (RP5; AB)
UNDERDOWN, BethThe Witchfinder’s Sister (F 3/17. Hist, AF)
UPSON, Nicola
London Rain (F6; RS) Author Q&A (BB6)
Nine Lessons (Nov-17, H)
URIBE, KirmenBilbao-New York-Bilbao (F4; Tr; DH)
VAN BOOY, Simon Everything Beautiful Began After (F2; SS; V)
VARVELLO, ElenaCan You Hear Me? (Aug-17; A)
VARENNE, AntoninRetribution Road trans: Sam Taylor (Jul-18, GD)
VERNON, Frances
The Bohemian Girl (RP4; H)
Privileged Children (RP4; H)
VICK, FrancesChinaski (F4; A) Shiny New Author (BB4)
VLADISLAVIC, IvanThe Folly (F7; KL)
VODOLAZKIN, Eugene The Aviator (July-18, T, KL)
VON ARMIN, ElizabethThe Enchanted April (RP5; V)
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Authors W

WALDO, JenOld Buildings in North Texas (F13; A), Author Q&A (BB13; A)
WALKER, MartinThe Dying Season (F6; C&T; LBo)
WALKER, PeterSome Here Among Us (F4; SO)
WALLACE, Wendy The Sacred River (F1; JC)
WALLIS, RupertAll Sorts of Possible (F6; YA; A) Author article (BB6)
WALPOLE, HoraceThe Castle of Otranto (RP3; S)
WALTON, JoThe Just City (F7; SH)
WALTON, LeslyeThe Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender (F3; KHM)
WARD, JesmynSing, Unburied, Sing (Nov-17, LU)
WARD, Sarah
In Bitter Chill (F8; C&T; GD)
Sing, Unburied, Sing (May-18, LU); Interview (May-18, LU)
WARNER, AlanMorvern Callar (RP7; KD)
Murder on Sea (F7; C&T; V)
Murder on the Pilgrim’s Way (F May-17; C&T; V)
WATERS, SarahThe Paying Guests (F3; H)
WATSON, Angus Age of Iron (F3; HM) Shiny New Author (BB3)
WATSON, Mark – Hotel Alpha (F3; DH) Short Story room 80 (BB3)
WAYNE, JemmaChains of Sand (F10; IB)
WEAVER, Tim Fall from Grace (F3; C&T; H)
WEIR, Andy
The Martian (F3; SF&F; UB)
Artemis (Nov-17, A)
WELBY, VenetiaMother of Darkness (F 2/17; A)
WELCH, Ronald
The Hawk
Knight Crusader
WELLS, H.G.The Time Machine (RP; OCt-17; A)
WELSH, LouiseDeath is a Welcome Guest (F7; SF&F; A)
No Dominion and Q & A (Aug-17; A)
WEST, NathanaelMiss Lonelyhearts (RP1; S)
WESTERFIELD, Scott Afterworlds (F3; YA; JoB)
WHARTON, EdithSummer (RP7; H)
WHITE, T.H.Mistress Masham’s Repose (RP2; Ch; JR)
WHITEHEAD, ColsonThe Underground Railroad (F July-17; LU)
WILCKEN, HugoThe Reflection (F7; C&T; A) Author article (BB7)
WILDE, OscarThe Canterville Ghost (RP3; Ch; JC)
WILES, Will The Way Inn (F2; A)
WILLIAMS, ConradDust and Desire (F7; C&T; LBo)
WILLIAMS, LaraTreats (F9; SS; KL)
WILLIAMS, Niall History of the Rain (F1; KH)
WILLIAMS, Robert Into the Trees (F1; A)
WILLIAMSON, LisaThe Art of Being Normal (F5; YA; JoB)
WILSON, ElizabethShe Died Young (F 4/17; GD)
The Wrong Girl (F6; C&T; H)
The Other Woman and Q&A (Oct-17; H)
WINTERSON, JeanetteThe Gap of Time (F8; EF)
WINTON, Tim Eyrie (F2; KF) Author Interview (BB2)
WILSON, ChristopherThe Zoo (Aug-17; BRD)
WOOD, BenjaminThe Ecliptic (F6; RF)
WOOD, Lucy
Weathering (F5; JW)
The Sing of the Shore (Jul-18, HP)
WOOD, Naomi Mrs Hemingway (F1; V) Author Q&A (BB1)
WOOLF, N. Quentin The Death of the Poet (F2; H)
WOOLF, Virginia
Orlando (RP5; SH)
The Waves (RP5; SH)
WRIGHT, AustinNocturnal Animals aka Tony & Susan (F13; GSv)
WYLD, Evie All the Birds, Singing (F2; DH)
WYNNE, AnthonyMurder of a Lady (Rp8; C&T; HA)
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Authors X Y Z

YA Fiction Spotlight

YANAGIHARA, HanyaA Little life (F6; RF)
YATES; AlexanderThe Winter Place (F7; YA; A) Author article (BB7)
YOUNG, Angela 
The Dance of Love (F2; S) Author article (BB1)
Keel Songs – a short story (BB7)
ZEH, Juli Decompression (F2; Tr; DH)
Kauthar (F7; A)
The Photographer (F June-17; HA)
ZIMLER, Richard The Night Watchman (F2; C&T; TV) Author article (BB1)
ZOLA, Emile
The Conquest of Plassans (RP2; Tr; H)
Earth (RP9; HA)
A Love Story (Nov-17, Reprints, H)
Money (RP1; Tr; H)
ZU REVENTLOW, FranziskaThe Guesthouse at the Sign of the Teetering Globe (Dec-17, Reprints, LS)
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Penguin Modern Poets – the relaunch (F11; KL)
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Man Booker Prize

Shiny Booker Week – July-18

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Key to our wonderful Reviewers


Occasional and in the past

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