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The Biography & Memoir section of our Non-Fiction Index was beginning to get rather unwieldy, so it has been separated off into its own page here.

Entries are categorised by author A-Z – with the subject of the biography in italics. If you want to search for a particular title or reviewer, we suggest you use the ‘Magnifying Glass’ search tool.

ACKROYD, PeterAlfred Hitchcock (NF6; V)
ALBERTINE, VivTo Throw Away Unopened (Aug-18, A)
ASTAFIEVA, TamaraBorn in Siberia (NF1; KL)
BALE, Anthony (trans) – The Book of Margery Kempe (RP5; H)
BARBER, LynnA Curious Career (NF2; A)
BAYLEY, SallyGirl with Dove (Aug-18, H)
BLACKBURN, JuliaThreads: The Delicate Life of John Craske (NF6; V)
BROWN, CraigMa’am Darling (Nov-17, MD)
CAMPBELL, HayleyThe Art of Neil Gaiman (NF3; JR)
CAREY, JohnThe Unexpected Professor – An Oxford Life in Books (NF2; RS)
CARLTON, HaroldMarrying Out (RP3; S)
CLAUDEL, PhilippeParfums (NF3; A)

COHEN, NadiaThe Real Enid Blyton (Feb-19, ESL)
COLLINS, DamianCharmed Life: The Phenomenal World of Philip Sassoon (NF11; LD)
CROALL, JonathanIn Search of Gielgud (NF1; H)
CROWTHER, GailThese Ghostly Archives: Unearthing Sylvia Plath (July-17; KL)
CUMMING, AlanNot my Father’s Son (NF4; V)
DEDMAN, Bill & NEWELL, Paul Clark JrEmpty Mansions (NF3; FA)
DILWORTH, ThomasDavid Jones (4/17; RS)
DURELL, GeraldMy Family and Other Animals (RP4; S)
EADE, PhilipEvelyn Waugh – A Life Revisited (NF11, LD)
ELLENDER, LulahElisabeth’s Lists: A Family Story (Mar-18, GD)
ESSINGER, JamesAda’s Algorithm (NF13; PH)
FARLEY, Paul & SIMMONS-ROBERTS, Michael Deaths of the Poets (June-17; H)
FAVIELL, FrancesA Chelsea Concerto (RP13; KMcD) FERLINGHETTI, LawrenceLittle Boy (May-19, KL) FITZGERALD, PenelopeCharlotte Mew and her friends (RP2; S)
FLETCHER, Carrie HopeAll I Know Now – (NF5; A)

FRENKEL, FrancineNo Place to Lay One’s Head (Feb-19, H)
FULLER; AlexandraLeaving Before the Rains Come (NF5; V)

GARNER, AlanWhere Shall We Run To? (Jan-19, A)
GAVRON, JeremyA Woman on the Edge of Time (NF8; V)
GOLDSTEIN, Sa, THe World Broke in Two (Feb-18, H)
GRANT, ThomasJeremy Hutchinson‘s Case Histories (NF6; H)
GREENHALGH, ShaunA Forger’s Tale (Oct-17, H)
GRENVILLE; Kate One Life: My mother’s story (NF6; V)
HACKETT, JohnI was a Stranger (RP1; S)
HANFF, Helene84 Charing Cross Road (RP8; S)
HARMAN, Claire
Charlotte Bronte: A Life (NF8; BH)
Sylvia Townsend Warner: A Biography (NF7; S)
HENDERSON, Jennifer MoragA Life: Josephine Tey (NF8; H)
HENSHAW, SarahThe Bookshop that Floated Away (BB1)
HOLROYD, MichaelBasil Street Blues (RP5; S)
IDLE, EricAlways Look on the Bright Side of Life (Oct-18, A)
JEFFERSON, MargoNegroland (NF11; V)
JENKINS, MichaelA House in Flanders (4/17; HP)
JUDD, PeterThe Akeing Heart (May-18, S)
KLIMA, Ivan My Crazy Century (NF2; MD)
KNIGHTS, SarahBloomsbury’s Outsider: A Life of David Garnett (NF6; S)
KYM, MinGone: A girl, a violin, a life unstrung (4/17; H)
LACHMAN, GaryBeyond the Robot – The Life and Work of Colin Wilson (NF12; KL)
LAHR, John Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh (NF3; MD)
LASDUN, JamesGive Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked (NF1; V)
LE CARRE, JohnThe Pigeon Tunnel (NF13; RS)
LIPTROT, Amy The Outrun (NF9; RF)
LIVELY, PenelopeAmmonites & Leaping Fish – A Life in Time (NF3; DK)
LYNCH, David & MCKENNA, KristineRoom to Dream (July-18)
MACDONALD, HelenH is for Hawk (NF3; HA)
MAXWELL; GavinThe House of Elrig (RP7; HA)
MEADES, JonathanAn Encyclopaedia of Myself (NF2; EKA)
MENDELSOHN, DanielAn Odyssey: A Father, a Son and an Epic (Dec-17, RFo)
MIDORIKAWA Emily and SWEENEY ClaireA Secret Sisterhood (Aug-17; H)
MILNE, ChristopherThe Path Through the Trees (RP2; CH)
MOODY, David A.
Ezra Pound: Poet – Vol II: The Epic Years 1921-1939 (NF4; RS)
Ezra Pound: Poet – Vol III: The Tragic Years 1939-1972 (NF7; RS)
MOORE, JohnBrensham Village (RP10; S)
MOORHEAD, JoannaThe Surreal Life of Leonora Carrington (May-17; KL)
NEWLEY, AlexanderUnaccompanied Minor (Jan-18, A)
NEWLYN, LucyWIlliam and Dorothy Wordsworth – All in Each Other (NF13; H)

NOTT, DavidWar Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line (Mar-19, RF)
O’FARRELL, MaggieI am, I am, I am (Oct-17; H)
PADUA, SydneyThe Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage (NF6; PH)
PARKER, MatthewGoldeneye: Where Bond was Born (NF3; V)
PERKINS, SueSpectacles (NF7; A)
PETRE; DianaThe Secret Orchard of Roger Ackerley (RP9; S)
PHIPPS, SallyMolly Keane: A Life (NF 3/17; LD)
PIZZICHINI, LilianMusic Night at the Apollo A Memoir of Drifting (NF2; DK)

PRIDEAUX, SueI am Dynamite: A Life of Friedrich Nietzsche (Feb-19, MD)
RAKOFF, JoannaMy Salinger Year (NF2, V) Author Q&A (BB2; V)
RANFURLY, HermioneTo War with Whitaker (NF2; CH)
RAPPAPORT, HelenFour Sisters (NF1; H)
RICHARDS, David Taking Command (NF4; TJ)
RHODES, AnthonySword of Bone (RP12; S)
RHODES, JamesInstrumental (NF6; A)
ROBINSON, TonyNo Cunning Plan (June-17; LM)
SACKS, Oliver
Gratitude (NF8; S)
On the Move: A Life (NF6; S)
SACKVILLE-WEST; Robert The Disinherited (NF2; V)
SANDERS, GeorgeMemoirs of a Professional Cad (RP5; LB)
Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls (NF1; S)
Theft by Finding: Diaries, Vol 1 (Aug-17; RF)
SEWARD; DesmondRenishaw Hall: The story of the Sitwells (NF7; AHo)
SMITH, Emma As Green as Grass (NF3; S)
STROHM, PaulThe Poet’s Tale: Chaucer & the year that made the Canterbury Tales (NF4; V)

SZIRTES, GeorgeThe Photographer at Sixteen (Feb-19, RS)
TEBBUTT, JudithA Long Walk Home (NF1; V)
THOMASSON, AnnaA Curious Friendship (NF5; S) Author article (BB5)
THORN, TraceyBedsit Disco Queen (NF1; A)
THWAITE, AnnA.A. Milne: His Life (RP2; S)
TODD, JanetAphra Behn: A Secret Life (June-17; H)
TOIBIN ColmMad, Bad, Dangerous to Know: The fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce (Dec-18, RS)
TREMAIN, RoseRosie: Scenes from a Vanished Life (Apr-18, H)

VIERTEL, SalkaThe Kindness of Strangers (Apr-19, LS)
WARD, JesmynMen We Reaped (NF4; RH)
WEIDERMANN, VolkerSummer Before the Dark: Stefan Zweig & Joseph Roth, Ostend 1936 (NF9; KL)
WESTIN, BoelTove Jansson: Life, Art, Words (NF1; S); Bookbuzz article on translation by Silvester Mazarella (BB1)
WILSON, AndrewMad Girl’s Love Song (NF1; V)
WORSLEY, LucyJane Austen at Home (July-17; H)

YOUSAFZAI, Ziauddin (with Louise Carpenter) – Let Her Fly: A Father’s Journey and the Fight for Equality (Mar-19, LD)
ZEPHANIAH, BenjaminThe Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah (Jun-18, LD)

Ziauddin (with Louise Carpenter) – Let Her Fly: A Father’s Journey and the Fight for Equality
ZEPHANIAH, BenjaminThe Life and Rhymes of Benjamin Zephaniah (Jun-18, LD)

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