Welcome to the Reprints section of Issue 6.

Going with the select-but-wonderful approach, we’ve got some real gems for you in reprints this issue. And, because there aren’t a huge number, you can read them all. Yes?

Classic crime is well-represented, with the funny and charming Quick Curtain by Alan Melville, The Studio Crime by Ianthe Jerrold, and Martin Edwards’ edited collected Resorting to Murder.

If you love Pippi Longstocking and Astrid Lindgren, you’ll love the new reissues of other children’s novels by her, Seacrow Island and Mio, My Son.

Persephone Books print reliable delights, and their inclusions in Issue 6 are very different: Mollie Panter-Downes London War Notes is an invaluable insight into WW2 London, while Vain Shadow by Jane Hervey is a quirky and comedic take on a family dealing with a funeral. A quirky, comedic family is also at the forefront of Shirley Jackson’s hilarious Life Among the Savages and Raising Demons, which are extremely different from her gothic fiction.

Most of us have heard of Walter Scott, but how many of us have read him? Now’s your chance, with the Oxford World’s Classic edition of Waverley. If French is more your bag, Raymond Jean’s Reader For Hire is a very Gallic paean to the joys of reading.

Leonard Michael’s Sylvia and Ann Bridge’s Peking Picnic (both from Daunt Books) round out our reprints section, both of which depict unusual lives in interesting and delightful ways. I know that I say every issue has a great bunch of reprints, but… they do! And this one is no different.

Happy reading!


Simon, Reprints Editor

One thought on “Reprints

  1. sally tarbox says:

    I’m THRILLED that Seacrow Island is being re-published! Read it as a child and managed to get a copy a few years ago. Like all Astrid Lindgren’s books it’s magical, though aimed at the slightly older child.

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