Although this issue’s non-fiction section is slightly slimmed down in terms of numbers, it’s got some pretty weighty books (literally!). There are two Oxford Companions, Fairy Tales and Wine, the gloriously illustrated Mythology by Christopher Dell, and the splendidly informative Renishaw Hall: The Story of the Sitwells by Desmond Seward.

For a truly fascinating and informative whizz through Western drama, there’s the entertaining and learned The 101 Greatest Plays from Antiquity to the Present by Michael Billington. For a radical and revisionary view of the French Resistance in WW2, take a look at Fighters in the Shadows by Robert Gildea. If you ever wondered what the working people of North West England got up to in their spare time in the 1930s, check out David Hall’s Worktown, the story of the beginnings of Mass Observation.

Literary types are well catered for in Clive James’ recent Latest Readings, A. David Moody’s final volume of his definitive biography of Ezra Pound,  and Kirsty Gunn’s exploration of Katherine Mansfield (My Katherine Mansfield Project).

So dive in and enjoy.

HarrietHappy reading!

Harriet, Non-Fiction Editor, Shiny New Books

One thought on “Non-Fiction

  1. Rod Hirsch says:

    Hello Harriet

    I can’t remember how I first stumbled across your blog, but I’m very glad I did.

    Over the last year or so, you’ve pointed me at many authors (and even more books) that I either didn’t know or had forgotten about.

    Thanks to you, I’ve rediscovered the pleasure of getting lost in a good book.

    With best wishes


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