The Eds discuss Shiny spring-cleaning!

Dear Shiny Readers,

We hope you’re liking the new look for Shiny. We feel it’s cleaner, and it is nice to have the most recent posts higher up the front page for longer.

Whilst we’re in spring-cleaning mode, the Shiny Eds have been discussing how we share our content with you. Outside of the website itself, we concentrate on Twitter which Annabel manages, and Facebook which Harriet looks after.

Then, there is our newsletter…

We’ve not actually sent one out since October!  Did you miss it? To be honest, it is a bit of a faff to do, and as the new General Data Protection Regs come into force soon, we would need everyone to reconfirm their subscription, to opt in. There is also the question of whether a monthly summary of all the posts we’ve published is useful to you, our valued readers. Well, the Eds have decided that you probably have enough clutter in your inboxes without another newsletter, so we will discontinue it forthwith, and delete the mailing list.

Why not subscribe to Shiny?

You can, however, subscribe to our content via the sign-up form on the sidebar; then all our posts will be emailed to you. We’ll still be tweeting and posting on Facebook too.

Likes, comments and sharing…

We’ve also enabled more options for you to tell us when you like a Shiny post – via WordPress ‘Likes’ and the alternative ‘Thumbs up’ button. You can also help spread the word by retweeting and sharing on other media. Don’t forget that we love your comments when you have time, and you can email us at

Affiliate ‘Buy’ links…

We have reverted our ‘Buy’ links to The Book Depository, Bookwitty having ceased selling books through their site. The Book Depository offers free P&P almost worldwide. If you click through and buy, we will earn some commission, which will help pay to maintain Shiny New Books.

And finally,

Coming in July, we’ll be joining in the Golden Booker celebrations with a week-long look at many of the prize-winners, and some of the books we thought should have won. Many of our reviewing team are joining in, and you can too, why not drop us a line. We would also welcome potential new reviewers – see our guidelines here and get in touch.

Happy Reading

Annabel and Harriet


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