BookBuzz (Issue 2)

In our first edition of BookBuzz you loved the trailer posts from authors with forthcoming books. This time we’ve got insights into the writing of two huge summer releases: Nicola Griffith’s epic historical novel, Hild, (described as ‘Game of Thrones without the dragons but.. so much more’) about the woman who would become St Hilda of Whitby, and Ben Fergusson’s powerful post-war Berlin thriller, The Spring of Kasper Meier. And for something completely different, Nick Rennison talks Victorian era mysteries and introduces us to his gentleman detective, Adam Carver and his ‘stroppy servant’, Quint Devlin, stars of his own crime fiction series.

We’ve got interviews with some of the hottest writers around – Canadian Heather O’Neill, Australian Tim Winton, Englishman-in-New-York Ned Beauman, and East Anglian Mike Ripley who has taken on the gauntlet of Margery Allingham and completed an unfinished Campion novel. We’ve got a wonderful appreciation of the extraordinary life of L. M. Montgomery. And we take you deep into the heart of two fabulous up-and-coming indie publishers, Pereine and Cargo.

Then a special new kind of feature for BookBuzz, we’ve got reports from the biggest and best literary festivals. Linda Spalding describes what it’s like to be interviewed by Kirsty Wark, and Tanya Boughtflower toughs it out for tickets to Edinburgh.

If all this weren’t enough, we’ve got reports from the frontline of indie bookselling, Brazilian reads to carry you through the World Cup, Cornish reads for your summer holidays and check out the libraries we loved from our first competition.


Victoria, BookBuzz editor

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