What with Brexit, the US elections, the refugee crisis, and more besides, it’s been quite a year. If you’re feeling a bit less than positive about the current and future state of the world, we’ve got a review of a book that’s guaranteed to give you a rapid injection of optimism: Johan Norberg’s Progress: Ten reasons to look forward to the future.

Know someone who loves cooking? Our reviewer Hayley suggests three books that sound perfect for under that person’s tree: Cookbooks for Christmas

Travel and history combine in Simon Courtauld’s Footprints in Spain.

Musings on masculinity and its place in the world in Grayson Perry, The Descent of Man

Because we love biographies there are four to choose from:

And finally, for a good giggle, Simon loved the delightful sounding Terms and Conditions, a collection of stories about girls’ boarding schools.

HarrietHappy reading! 

Harriet, Non-Fiction Editor, Shiny New Books

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