Once again we have a pleasingly wide-ranging selection of non-fiction titles for your delectation. Whether you like science or history, biography or travel, there’s bound to be something to catch your eye and send you off to the bookshop.

There’s plenty here for those who like reading about other peoples’ lives. Amy Liptrot’s memoir of recovery from alcoholism, The Outrun, has been shortlisted for the 2016 Wellcome Book Prize. On a more historical note, there’s a fascinating look at the pre-war lives of some well-known European writers, Stefan Zweig and Joseph Roth, in Walter Weidermann’s Summer Before the Dark, and a satisfyingly complex study of Lewis Carroll and his famous creation in Robert Douglas-Fairhurst’s The Story of Alice.

Lara Feigel, whose story of writers’ lives in London in WW2, The Love Charm of Bombs, was reviewed here in Shiny, has followed this up with a study of post-war Berlin, The Bitter Taste of Victory. And there’s more history to be found in Margaret Shennan’s account of life in colonial Malaya, Out in the Midday Sun.

For anyone who loves reading about books, D.J. Taylor’s The Prose Factory will definitely fit the bill. If you’re scientifically inclined, you’ll enjoy Lisa Randall’s Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs. And finally, we have Marie-José Gransard’s Venice, a must-read for anyone who wants to know about the lives and loves of just about any famous person who lived in Venice over the past many centuries.


Harriet, Non-Fiction Editor, Shiny New Books

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