Variety is the spice of life they say, and that is what we’re aiming to provide with the Shiny New Books Fiction list. At the heart of our selection is the need to tell a great story, so be it a best-seller or less well known title, a relaxing or more challenging read, a paperback or hardback, we hope there’s something for everyone here.

Genre fiction is not ignored either – some view the word with suspicion, but the rule about great storytelling still applies; we’re using it merely to help categorise titles – so in our first collection of reviews, as well as several crime novels, you’ll find: a western, a book for teens that adults will enjoy too, fantasy and more.  The menu is alphabetical by title with paperbacks below the hardbacks and paperback originals.  For historical fiction fans, we have signed copies of Elizabeth Fremantle’s novels to giveaway too.

P.S. May 11th – We’ve added another 9 fiction reviews to the page – all published between March and the beginning of May. Look for *NEW* by a review in the list to your right. (Hardbacks/Originals at the top, paperbacks beneath).  We also have an additional giveaway of History of the Rain by Niall Williams…


Happy reading – Annabel, Fiction Editor at Shiny New Books

5 thoughts on “Fiction

  1. Carol in Maryland says:

    What a lovely website! and so much work has gone into it! I’m looking forward to spending lots of time here.

    One suggestion – yellow on white is hard to read. Could you please think about modifying that? Thanks!

  2. Lovely site. There are so many books you’ve listed that I want to read! I’m afraid you aren’t making my “book addiction” any easier to control, but Bravo.

  3. Even though yellow is my favorite color I do agree that it is very hard to read on a white background. Otherwise I am really enjoying this website.

    • We’re considering a summery change of colour for issue 2 … watch this space.

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