An Ancient Permanence? – Rosy Thornton 
The wonderful Rosy Thornton meditates on the village of Blaxhall in coastal Suffolk, the inspiration for her new collection of short stories.

Love, Or Nearest Offer – Adèle Geras
How the saddest of circumstances motivated award-winning novelist, Adèle Geras, to write one of the happiest and most comforting of stories.

Shiny New Author – Susan Beale
With her debut novel, The Good Guy, garnering all kinds of enthusiastic praise, Susan Beale tells us about the real life situation behind the fiction.

The Eds Discuss European Culture
How much translated fiction do you read and who are your favourite European authors? Tell us how you would have responded to the questions I put to our eds.

A Novel Calling – The Books That Were Written Just For Me
One of our favourite reviewers, Karen Langley, looks back on the milestones of her reading life that included Sylvia Plath and the Gormenghast trilogy.

Penguin Modern Poets – The Relaunch
Do you remember the old Penguin Modern Poets series? Well it’s back and better than ever with a beautiful design and more women poets. We look into the past, present and future of the series.

Spotlight on Young Adult Fiction
Our lovely reviewers, Jenny and Memory, find a lot to be excited about in the autumn line-up of new YA fiction.

Dear Diary
Do you love the diary format? Our reviewer, Charlotte Duff, does, and chooses some of her favourite fictional diaries for us.

Brexit Reading
Whether you’re keen to read about the contemporary issues of our European culture, interested in European countries, or would love a bit of fiction that gets to the heart of the main issues, we’ve got something for you.


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