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An interview with Tom Barbash
The gorgeous Tom talks to us about studying with Tobias Wolff, how the idea of the stranger in the house inspires him and why his stories contain a lot of snow.

Barbara Nadel Interview
Barbara tells us about growing up in the melting pot of London’s East End, the challenges involved in placing her crime fiction in Turkey and the surprising benefits of a female Muslim private detective.

Questions for Laurie Graham
Laurie talks about the mythology of famous families, her habits of collecting monsters and obituaries, and her life as a research slattern.

Questions for Mira Jacob
Mira talks about the loss of her father, the Brooklyn-based reading room she co-founded and why you should stick with your novel, no matter how long it’s taking.

Shiny New Author: Questions for Angus Watson
Angus discusses the beauties of Iron Age hill forts, readerly expectations of gore and explains why we shouldn’t underestimate our ancestors.

A Moment for the Short Story
David Hebblethwaite gives us good reasons for reading short stories, and recommendations for authors and collections to try.

How Sarah Waters Won Over the Reading World
We chart the rise and rise of Sarah Waters with a look back at the novels she has written so far.

Monique Roffey: A Profile
If you’ve never read this fearless, award-winning writer, we’ve got a few reasons why you should.

Jen Campbell Talks About Bookshops
Find out what Ian Rankin does in airport bookshops and how come cows, hamsters and trained dragons sometimes appear by the fiction shelves as Jenn describes the research she undertook for her forthcoming book.

A Translator’s Perspective on Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina
Rosamund Bartlett talks about the glorious hidden pleasures to be found when slow reading Tolstoy.

Upcoming Books into Films
Diana Cheng previews the hottest upcoming adaptations soon to hit our cinema screens

Hotel Alpha Stories: 80: Alpha Bar, 2004 by Mark Watson
We feature here one of the stories from the Hotel Alpha website, accompanying the novel by Mark Watson.

Reading Scotland
There’s something for everybody in our round-up of famous and infamous Scottish literature.

Spotlight on Publishing: Unbound
Crowd funding may be the shiny new way forward for book publishing. We go deep into the workings of publishers Unbound to learn more about this fascinating development.

The Eds Discuss: Book Covers
Come and see if you can judge a book by its cover better than the eds!

Five Fascinating Facts about E. F. Benson
Who better than the brilliant Guy Fraser-Sampson to give us the low-down on the creator of Mapp & Lucia with some extraordinary facts about his life?

Five Fascinating Facts about Frances Hodgson Burnett
Think you know this famous writer of The Secret Garden and A Little Princess? Think again!


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