If there’s one thing that fascinates me, it’s finding out how books came to be written. What put that little kernel of an idea into an author’s mind? What was the inspiration that brought their imagination to life? In the BuzzBooks section, it’s all about genesis and creativity, whether it’s established authors like Sebastian Barry, Deborah Lawrenson, Elizabeth Fremantle, and Angela Young discussing the historical moments they felt compelled to write about, or our Shiny New Debut Authors – Sarah Perry, Richard Zimmler and Sarah Henshaw describing the process by which they came to be in print.

We’ve got interviews with the authors of some of our favourite books in Issue 1 – check out Naomi Woods and Jill Dawson, answering some in-depth questions about their wonderful new novels. And if you fancy something completely different, read Silvester Mazzarella’s account of translating Tove Jansson’s biography or try my favourite article of our spring issue, the editors at Slightly Foxed describing how they came up with the idea for their magazine celebrating forgotten books around one kitchen table in North London….

We’d love to know what you think about all of the articles in this section. And if you have ideas for others you’d like to see, do leave suggestions in the comments.

Enjoy the strange and wonderful world behind the scenes of book publishing! me

Victoria, BuzzBooks Editor at Shiny New Books

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  2. For me (and I’m unusal as a reader in this respect I think) most aspects of the craft such as you are covering in Book Buzz are less interesting than the end product. However that will not stop me reading a few of these (maybe all of these!) and perhaps I will be persuaded to take a greater interest in the “strange and wonderful world behind the scenes of book publishing.” P x

  3. This sounds absolutely fascinating! I can’t wait to read what Slightly Foxed and Sarah Henshaw have to say!

  4. I’m reading through as much of SNBs as quickly as I can and have already ordered several of your reviewed books. It’s a lovely site and congratulations to all of you. However I can’t find Richard Zimler, referred to above, anywhere, what am I missing? Maybe I’m rushing. He’s one of the most interesting writers around, I read all I can find of his work. Intelligent, thoughtful, innovative, moving, compassionate, always worth reading. A short story he wrote for a children’s charity anthology SAVE THE CHILDREN: the Children’s Hours, (also co-edited by him) is just perfect.

    • The Night Watchman will be published on 19th June – it’s up on amazon, if that’s any help (though we’re a big supporter of indie bookshops where possible!). I’m delighted to know that you’re a fan of his work already. I’m really looking forward to this new series, too.

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